Genuine Subaru WRC team clothing for sale


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A mate of mine work in Prodrive for many years , starting in 1997 , and has collected quite a few items along the way , a lot of it he is keeping , but has decided to sell some of it off , I've sold a bit on some of the facebook pages , should have put them on here first but didn't think.

Got some early 555/bunch of banana items , most of these sold straight away , had some really nice later coats but they got snapped up straight away , here are some photo's of some of the stuff , mostly large or XL , if you're interested in anything give me a shout

2 bomber jackets , both XL , one's a 555 , the other a bunch of banana £150 ono each

20200729_203430.jpg20200729_203419 (1).jpg20200729_203401.jpg

A selection of quieter shirts , £40 each

20200729_203319 (1).jpg

XL shower proof jacket £175 ono




Various t shirts , shirts , fleece's , trousers and shorts
20200729_203244 (1).jpg

Front and back of T shirts , these are £50 each ono

20200723_193933 (1).jpg

Same T shirt , but a later one with a stiched badge changing tyre supplier £50

20200723_194140 (1).jpg


Some cool stuff there , and all genuine teamwear

Cheers Ian

James Lowry

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Some great stuff there. Sold off a few bits myself lately with eBay and Facebook being best places. But ebay fees take the good out of the smaller priced items.