Gearbox Rebuilds

your type R, will more than likely be a 4.4 rear diff.
you could buy a suitable rear diff and swap out, but justing finding a supplier/seller who is selling a 6speed box with prop and rear diff will be much easier.
you will need front shafts as the standard GC8 ones will not fit (I certainly had to do this)
don't worry about the front diff, this comes with the gearbox, no need to source anything separately, but the links below will tell you what type of front diff was with each gearbox

so for a Type R you pretty much need the following

6 speed gearbox with Matching R180 Rear diff & Propshaft
6 speed Gear selector and linkage
6 speed Starter motor
6 speed clutch and flywheel
Front driveshafts with male connectors

Rear R180 driveshafts are only required for cars without a R180 rear diff ( thought Id put this up for anyone who may mind it useful)

so these links are good to understand gearbox's, ratios, diffs etc... Transmission Chart
Helpful as always Steve, thank you.
Do i need to worry about compatibility with the rear diff and my hubs??
no worries
hubs will be fine
rear diff, just get one which is suited to the 6 speed gearbox,

then keep your old 5 speed gearbox, prop front shafts and rear diff together or sell it, i sure @type-ra will buy it... lol
R180 shafts will only work IF you have everything else that matches e.g R180 hubs, diff, etc......

You do NOT need to use a 6spd / R180 rear diff simply ensure it matches the gearbox FD ratio

You do NOT need to use 6spd front shafts - depending on exact age of the 6spd donor then it will either mate with your existing female shafts (approx 01-03) or it will be designed to take "male" shafts (approx 04>) and in this case you have 2x options - either use new-age WRX "male" shafts (approx 05>) or get a set of 'stub axles' to convert the box to the the earlier shafts

@funkyrimpler in general a Type-R will have R180 rear end and 4.44 FD ratio so you simply use the 6spd rear diff unit which will take your shafts, etc.......
I've left a message for Matty so I'll keep you posted.. Oh, and i should be receiving my newly trimmed steering wheel back this week! I should really be spending money on my hovel, but you can't race a house, although you can live in a car..

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