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Discussion in 'Imprezas & Impreza parts for sale' started by 53R, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. 53R

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    Selling my STi Genome exhaust, if anyone is looking for one let me know :)


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  2. 53R

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    Sold :)

    As a matter of interest I just watched a nice Genome go through the auctions today at cheap money. I thought I would share the costs if it helps put into context the value/costs involved of parts now which aren't already landed in the UK. :)

    Genome GDB Exhaust - 24,000 Yen
    Postage in Japan - 6000 Yen
    Postage to UK - 25,700
    Auction fees - 300 Yen
    Total Upfront Japan Cost - 56,000 Yen / 400 GBP
    UK Duty and VAT - 114 GBP
    Handling Fee - 25 GBP

    Total Cost to your door - £539.00

    Original cost of the exhaust listed was around £170 which is cheap and with a relatively good Yen rate at the moment. :)

    I thought this might help people to understand the pricing of good condition JDM parts now that the flow of quality breakers has started to decline. :)

    Whether people feel these are worth that much money is an aside from the fact that that is now what they cost to import in the condition you would be proud to fit them to your vehicle.

    Hope this has helped. :)

    I have a couple more of these in my collection which I would be prepared to sell. It's good to establish a figure that they will sell at which does seem to be at the level I originally pitched my advert. :) The days of JPParts selling these by the bucket load for £275 are gone :(

    Thanks for reading. :thumb
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  3. 53R

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  4. benji

    benji Type RA Member

    Where these available for the later gc8 models or only GDB versions
  5. PeteRA

    PeteRA V-Limited Member

    Oh they look so so good. Go for it Benji. ;)
  6. TypeR Finchy

    TypeR Finchy Type RA Member

    Im interested if a straight fit for a gc8 but I see there for a GDB, don’t want to muck about with the brackets if possible.
  7. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    I have one on my SF5 and on my classic they fit straight on but you just don't use the third hangar :) STi made a similar exhaust for the S201 but you will struggle to find one as they are very rare and old and rusted unless stored.

    I bought one but would never sell it. :)

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  8. Paul73

    Paul73 V-Limited Member

    South Coast
    Only for Newage models officially as far as I can see....there are no mention of them in the various catalogues I have.

    @TypeR Finchy If you do want to use the 3 hanger it just requires a bit of heat and lots of care to turn it around.

    Most of the ones I've seen/purchased have all had scrapes along the bottom edge of the box and the trailing edge of the exhaust :(

    They are ,imo, the finest sounding backbox available for the GC8 so if you can find one cheap or fancy giving 53R some money so he buy more rare stuff :rofl: then get one :)
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  9. Christiaan

    Christiaan Type R version 5

    South Africa
    Just a quick question. What will a S201 back box go for today if one can find them?

    Please share more pictures of that S201 box PLEASE.
  10. Paul73

    Paul73 V-Limited Member

    South Coast
    Last one I saw on Buyee went for just over £500 that was about 6 months ago

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