Fresh import 1998 STi Type-RA V limited 555

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    "Fresh Import 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-RA V Ltd 555"

    Stunning rust free example in original and standard specification.

    Freshly imported from Japan.
    All duties and taxes payed.
    UK registered with V5 and documentation.
    Fully prepared, MOT'd and UK road legal.

    1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-RA V Limited 491/555

    Serial number 491/555 - complete with special edition plaque, '97 WRC emblem on boot, '97 V3 insignia interior, pink WRC grill badge, STi RA engine, STi RA close ratio gearbox, DCCD, R180 diff, 4 pot front 2 pot rear brakes, STi RA suspension, STi RA quick rack steering, auto/manual intercooler water spray, opening roof hatch and lightweight panels as original equipment.

    Bodywork is excellent and the iconic Subaru Rally blue contrasts beautifully with the gold STi wheels. Free from any damage, dents, rust, scratches or obvious blemishes.

    Chassis and underbody components are in impressive corrosion free condition.
    Brakes and suspension are all standard and in great mechanical condition throughout. No knocks or rattles, everything feels tight and operates correctly. Matching Dunlop tyres with very good tread.

    Original and unmodified STi RA engine in perfect running order. Very smooth at idle with no unwanted noises even from cold. Boosts strongly through the rev range with no hesitations or stutters. No oil or coolant leaks. 3" cat back Fujitsu performance exhaust system (fitted prior to import in Japan).

    Original STi RA close ratio gearbox in great working order. Smooth in operation both up and down the gears. No crunchy synchromeshes, noises or leaks. DCCD can be seen operating correctly. R180 rear diff with no leaks or noises. STi short shift gear linkage. Clutch is perfect.

    Interior comes standard with V3 manufacturers champion insignia on front seats and special edition 491/555 plaque.
    Front seats are in amazing condition for a 19 year car with no collapse to bolsters, sagging, rips or tares. Opening STi RA roof hatch. Electric windows. Central locking. Original Subaru floor mats. JVC stereo system. Discreet boost gauge and turbo timer (fitted prior to import in Japan).
    In very good order throughout.

    Superb car to drive - very quick acceleration for a standard model with the close ratio STi RA gearbox and powerful STi RA engine. Handling is precise and very well balanced. Brakes are sharp and effective

    A true rally thoroughbred.

    Fully inspected and serviced;

    Lucas engine oil, oil filter, air filter, NGK 7B spark plugs, engine coolant/anti freeze, brake fluid and clutch fluid.
    Timing belt and tensioner.
    3 piece OE clutch kit.
    4 wheel alignment with printout.
    Full Dynax clear coat chassis protection treatment.
    Fully refurbished original STi alloys.
    3 stage machine polish.
    Professionally valeted.

    Model specification;

    • Model: GC8E4DD
    • Engine: EJ20KDW7P
    • Transmission: TY752VB6EA
    • Colour: 74F
    • Trim: 830
    • Option: 86C
    • Weight: 1240kg
    • Power: 280bhp

    Manufacture date: 10/03/1998
    First registered in UK: 01/10/2017
    MOT: 26/9/2017
    Mileage: 109,000 miles


    (private sale no warranty implied or given)

    Car is as nice as it looks in the pictures.

    Thanks for viewing

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  2. Kev_STI

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    Stunning car Doug, someone will get a nice buy with that one! :thumb
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  3. wrxdoug

    wrxdoug Type RA Member

    Thanks bud - it's a stunning original car, I really like it myself :)
  4. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    As above, a great car & great buy for someone. Interesting how the V4 V-Limited seats seem to wear better than the V5/6 seats!
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  5. wrx_driver

    wrx_driver V-Limited Member

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  6. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Definitely a nice car! Very good price compared to the ones already being here. Any auction papers available?
    Almost a shame the few components added in Japan.

    Edit: What has happened to the left rear light? Seems very dark.

    Don't you think the V4 where used less? And/or the black/red materials are more wear resistant? But also the earlier (V2) seats seem to be good quality.
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  7. wrxdoug

    wrxdoug Type RA Member

    The exhaust is a really good quality Japanese performance system that suits the car I'd say and sounds great - it still has its original cat and passed the MOT emmision test no problem. The bolts aren't seized as nothing is corroded so it would be a very easy job to swap the exhaust back to standard system if that's what you wanted to do. Same with the small boost gauge and turbo timer could easily be removed without any damage if you want 100% originality.

    Rear light maybe my picture - I certainly wouldn't be put off by that probably much better viewed in person but I will upload some better pictures tomorrow.
  8. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
  9. Lotti

    Lotti V-Limited Member

    As you’re aware Dean, having looked at what’s currently available and canvassed opinion from a few of the longer term forum members, a type R is ideally where I want to be.

    Although the V Ltd is a lovely car, it’s not for me.

    I’ve got more than enough to contemplate with the 2 cars currently under consideration.

    Taking nothing away from Doug’s car, as has been said it’s a stunning car and no doubt a great buy for someone.
  10. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    Looks a cracker Doug. I've put a link to the advert on my local car forum (RMS). If I hadn't already got a RA id be over on the plane for this:thumb
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