Fitting 290mm Newage WRX rear brakes to classic

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    How to....Fit Newage WRX rear brakes to a classic

    My standard fit single-pot rears have not given any problems over the last 5 years but were starting look shabby and some new discs were on the shopping list. Was then offered a set of Newage WRX rear discs and 2-pot callipers complete with Godspeed conversion brackets by a friend who bought them but never fitted the kit before selling his Scooby....

    The Newage WRX discs are 290mm compared to my std 266mm ones - should therefore offer more braking torque. The 2-pot callipers might be stiffer than the sliding originals and hence should also offer a more even clamping pressure on both side of the discs.

    The Newage WRX disc is different to the Type RA STi rear disc. It has a smaller handbrake 'drum' in the centre of the disc - 170mm rather than 190mm??? ***CHECK THIS*** This means they still fit the existing handbrake shoes on the non-STi classics.

    I have taken pictures as the job has progressed and put notes of the steps in between..... Hope they might be of use to others who may be considering this upgrade.

    Job took about 3 hours in total. First side taking about twice as long as the second as I was learning what to do and also taking the photos.

    Rgds, Ade

    Please only attempt this job if you trust yourself to work on safety critical elements of your car.
    The car needs to be securely supported while the work is performed.
    If you are in any doubt - get the professionals in!

    1. Brake kit as purchased...


    2. Comparison of original 266mm and new 290mm discs...


    3. Callipers cleaned up and most of the tatty red paint removed...


    4. Callipers painted with VHT paint in a rather fetching matt metallic grey...


    5. ...and 'baked' in the oven to help cure the paint...


    6. Spanners at the ready...


    7. Disc and calliper off (two 14mm bolts). If the disc is reluctant to come off (one of mine was stuck) then simply screw a couple of small bolts into the two tapped holes near the wheels studs. This should force the disc off easily.

    Then need to remove the splash shield to fit the bigger disc. It's held on by 7 spot welds that need to be drilled off...


    8. Welds drilled off, shield on floor now. the handbrake shoes and drive flange were covered in an old rag while drilling to prevent rust flakes and swarf getting into moving parts...


    9. Showing calliper with conversion bracket loose-fitted to check fit...


    10. Bracket removed from calliper and secured to the hub...


    11. Rear view of 2-pot calliper bolted up and hydraulic hose transferred over...


    12. Front view of fitted calliper...


    13. Pads fitted. Then bleed fluid thru bleed nipple until all air bubbles gone. Will bleed again in a few days incase a small pocket of air is left in the system.


    14. Job done....... Car lowered and wheel nuts torqued up.

    Just need to repeat for the other side!


    Once both sides done, car was taken for a gentle run of about a mile. On returning the hose fittings were checked for any signs of leakage and wheel nut torques re-checked.
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  2. panizzi

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    great job and great how to do guide :cheers:
  3. subarukid

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    Hi, Two years ago i fitted a full set of 2003 sti brakes, Front ones not to bad to fit, Rears 6 hours one side 4 the other, had to remove hubs and change back plates to ensure caliper bolt holes align up, so i have 325 discs on front and 316 on rear. stops pretty good, don,t get fade any more, Its good to see others doing there own work, once done you appreciate them more, Cheers Bryan.
  4. ASJ

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    Bristol, UK
    Did first trackday of the year yesterday with the new rears fitted - no idea what pads they are but performed well. Even temps on both discs on return to the paddock so all working properly.

    Checking my data logging I was getting around 1.1g of braking while standing on the pedal and the ABS doing it's thing dragging me down from a shade over 100mph to about 30mph for Llandow's bus stop.

    Had a passenger ride in a 400hp blob STi fitted with APs both front and rear. Took the liberty of moving my data logger into his car for comparison. He was only about 4 mph faster at the end of the straight but pulled less braking g (1g) so guess was braking earlier than me. Have not checked the braking points for the 2 cars yet.

    His brakes did also pull 1.1g on the other side of the circuit into the chicane - again from vmax of just over 100. I braked far less here and carried more speed into the chicane....

    Rgds, Ade
  5. Vimmeh

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    Great threat Ade, just what I was after. I had all the upgrade kit late last year to do this but I misread the parts list and didnt realise that the 2 pots had to be newage and returned the lot :(

    Now I know what I need I'll be following this guide :)


  6. tedscossie

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    Cool thing!
    well done for the conversion!!
  7. mcrae magic

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    Hi all! I have just purchased a set of 2 pot rear calipers and disks. And plan to fit them on my v2 96 sti ra, do I just need to get some 170mm brake shoes and fitting kit to replace my bigger 190mm shoes so that I can fit them? Thanks for any and all info
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    oop north
    bit of an old thread but to clarify only v3> STi RA/Type-R cars had the R180 / 190mm set-up

    we also do a neater billet adaptor for this application rather than the steel & spacers set-up

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  9. cusco wagon

    cusco wagon Ido caliper's

    How do i get a pr of these billet adaptors looked on the web page but no joy
  10. tekkerchrede

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    You grab the phone and get in touch with Alyn (@asperformance). :)

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