Exhausts/ Silencing.. Trackdays 98db


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Hi Pete, just had another look through the listings on H&S, nothing listed for Group N. Where have you seen this?
Pete may be on about this:


Might just get you below 98db but I'm pretty sure they could build you something up custom bolt on to make sure below that.
That’s the one James @Kev_STI has posted, I had it originally on mine if you recall, @mat84 bought it off me, measured 98db when we compared it @TDR Compared to the GRP A of 114. Lol


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I can confirm the Group A replica is LOUD AS FUCK. I had mine on at Knockhill last year, I recorded over 100dB inside the car :D


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I think a good size back box will be the first point, although yes it may require some centre silencing too without running a cat. Maybe @Fatharrydog or @Winchester have a better idea being on track al and their noise tests?
My track car has an unbranded 3” system just one back box and no cat. It gets regularly tested and is 98db static at 3/4 revs.


Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5
I have a RCM de-cat twisted down pipe, Fujitsubo RM-01A Full Decat Twin Resonator Exhaust (single system from downpipe)
My car has been tested many times at Curborough Sprint course over the years and the readings have been from 89 to 92 dB's static 4-4.5k revs


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Thank you.

A lot of food for thought. Looking at what people are using I maybe as well getting the H&S classic back box and seeing how I go on with another test + a 90 degree bend pointing at the floor. Donington is a drive by test at set points on the outside of the circuit so maybe pointing the 90 down and to the inside of the circuit will help?!