Essbon's Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5

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    Well, it might be late but I’ve just finished reading this!

    “I know I’m crazy! But I’ve sold my engine” :D

    That had me in stitches! I’d literally just read that you’d had it fitted and was running well.. then BANG! No engine and it’s getting painted too :thumb :D

    Great thread!
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  2. Essbon

    Essbon Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5

    thanks chap, still a bit more to to sort/fix a few things, so hope to provide updates soon
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  3. Essbon

    Essbon Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5

    few updates from the Easter weekend

    Firstly, researching the interwebs into GoPro mounting positions, i stumbled upon
    so at the weekend I decided to make a new mount for recording track days, Euro Tours and laps round the Nurburgring

    the link above, pretty much details the bits needed
    but here is what i used

    2 x GoPro Suction Cup Mounts
    2 x GoPro Bar mounts
    1 x Lightweight aluminium tube approx 1500mm long ( i cut mine to around 1300mm in the position i finally chose) sprayed it gloss back

    1 x GoPro seat-post, handle bar mount

    I utilised the suction cup arm with a few of the gopro extension arm mounts to get the desired position

    Quite please with the way it turned out and the shots I can now get, all the cables can permanently be installed and kept out of the way making it much easier for passengers to get in and out without dragging the cables and camera with them :thumb
    Oh and incase anyone is wondering, I can't see the camera or bar in the rear view mirror, i purposely made sure I couldn't :)

    As per the link above a few items needed to be modified to get this setup, just cutting a few of the extension arms and bar mounts

    suction cup, bar mount and bolt and 2 washers for a snug fit (the bar mount has already been cut)

    left bar mount has been modified and the nut lobe has been cut off
    right is an unmodified one to show you the difference


    finished item

    Both sides done

    installed (before painting)


    here is the finished article utilising the suction cup arms which I think is a better and cleaner look


    video still from testing
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    Now that’s a bit of kit Steve, love it. :thumb
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    Quality Steve
  6. Essbon

    Essbon Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5

    2nd update from the long easter break

    on Monday, I travelled to a fellow Subaru owner to conduct road mapping on my Type R.

    We spent a good 6-7 hours mapping and tweaking the Syvecs ECU settings. I'm not very technical when it comes to understanding the Syvecs ECU so some of my details below may be a little off, but I'll do my best to try and explain what we did and found, but what fellow Subaru owner was doing with ECU tables was way above my head, he did explain what he was doing, but it totally fried my brain...
    I'd also like to point out, that we were live streaming data to a laptop, so we could see in real time, any issues ie. knock, fuelling issues, temps etc... so we could abort quickly if we needed to. Yes would have been much easier to do on a rolling road, but trying to keep temps under control on a dyno is very hard to do especially with a TMIC.

    The main focus of this mapping session was to sort the fuelling out, as it was not ideal, but we had made massive improvement over the past few weeks with me logging data/streaming it live to a laptop and emailing it off for analysis and I would receive a new file to load in and test again.
    Anyway, we loaded in a new cal file, which had the correct injector configs as this hadn't been done before, so the ECU would know the correct injector configurations/tolerances including my battery voltage and fuel pressure to ensure correct fuelling.
    once these were loaded in, we then did steady driving (no boost) to check lambda settings. We found that the there was a mismatch or big delay with Lambda readings and reporting back to the ECU, which caused rev hunting at cold start and once warmed up, fuel would be added and removed constantly as the delay with the lambda reading it didn't see it time so would make constant adjustments.

    Once this was sorted which took a while, we then moved on to driving the car in 4th gear at 0.2 bar, all the time checking for knock, fuel levels etc... and without moving my foot on the gas pedal to check how the fuel was being delivered. Yes something much easier to do on a dyno, but we managed, but in all honesty, not easy to do on the road.
    We then pulled over and made required adjustments and do the run again, multiple times if needed. once we were happy we repeated this process at 0.5 bar 1.0bar and 1.5bar which is currently max boost)

    The next test we did was 4th gear pulls from 2k revs to 7k in cal position 1 (1.2 bar boost). again pulled over analysed the data and made adjustments and repeated the process to make fine adjustments, yep we then did the same in cal position 2 - 1.4 bar and cal position 3 - 1.5 bar. (the various boost setting will change once we get the car on the rolling road to really wind up the boost and increase timing)

    Once we were happy with the full pulls, we then tested how fueling was delivered when you stab on the gas pedal at. we found that it was chucking in around 30% extra fuel that it needed, in effect, impacting on acceleration and building boost, you could say made the engine bog down a little due to too much fuel being delivered.
    this was a quick fix and adjustment and now when you go the press on the pedal she just instantly picks up and goes

    the final test and settings we did was looking at fuelling at cruise speeds 60, 70, 80 and 90 (80 and 90 being there for when we are in Europe on the Autobahns:giggle:) don't worry we were on a very quiet straight bit of road was very little traffic around all day.
    we found that the car was chucking in between 20-40% extra fuel, so no wonder I was getting on average 190 miles to a tank on motorway driving last year.:cry:

    so to try and summaries
    fuelling was all over the place and the ECU had the wrong injector parameters landed
    Lambda and closed loop settings were incorrect causing issues with over and under fuelling, and rev hunting
    over fuelling when pressing the gas pedal at a cruise speed, causing delays with spool and engine to bog, making car feel sluggish or slightly laggy
    improved fuelling at light throttle cruise speeds

    to note, these changes have all been minor small adjustments, sometimes making fuelling adjustments of 2 or 3%, which takes time but every little helps

    Was it worth it?

    it's quite difficult to explain how and why, but the biggest change, is we have added more torque across especially down low the rev range. The car is tamer. Previously wiith the close ratio JDM gearbox, I was always flying through 1st, 2nd 3rd, not overly enjoyable. now I have more time in each gear, making the driving experience much more pleasant. We have sacrificed spool a little so we make full boost around 3.8k revs. But we have tapered off hitting target boost 3.5k 3.6k making for a much more smoother power delivery.
    The car is much more nicer to drive at cruise speeds, and when you want the power, boost, spool, it's there, no more boggyness

    The Syvecs has some fantastic mathematic functionality, loading in car weight, gear ratios tyre size etc etc... etc... you can do 4th gear pulls to work out rough power and torque
    we recorded 485 bhp with 430 ft lbs at 1.5 bar on v power. not to shabby

    now some of you may go only 485. Please take into account, we will run this car to 1.7 bar on v power and upto 1.9 on a meth mix. We haven't even play with timing yet, and we are not anywhere close to stressing the turbo. there is so much more to come.

    I'm super happy we spent Monday fine tuning and tweaking the car. I know know the car and fuelling is safe. safe for RAde Day and safe for Euro Tour and Nurburgring

    Still a few things to fix and sensors to change, but for now she's all good :D

    apologies for lack of technical explanations or if my understandings of things are off (as i said before),
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    This should say 1500 mm? Or am I looking at the wrong bar?
  8. Essbon

    Essbon Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5

    My bad, corrected

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