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  1. Cristian

    Cristian Type RA Member

    Hello everyone, good morning.
    I have an Impreza MY98 STi Type R V4 V-Limited and I am working to improve the performance of your engine, I wanted to ask you for advice on which turbo to install.
    I'm making it with the following elements:
    -ACL Race series Main Bearings.
    -ACL Race Series Engine Connecting Rod Bearing.
    -BRIAN CROWER int and exh VALVES.
    -Manley forjed Piston w/ Rings.

    -WALBRO/ TI Auto TCD300HP-E85 450.
    -Apexi Power FC ECU Computer.
    -FMIC Intercooler Kit.
    -Mishimoto radiator.
    OEM complete set gasket.
    OEM set guide valves.
    OEM 11mm. Oil pump.
    3" down pipe an complete line exhaust inox.

    and several accessories and parts more.

    my intention is to go around 400 hp.
    what turbo would you use ????

    Regards, cristian

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  2. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    @asperformance will be the man to advise:thumb
  3. Cristian

    Cristian Type RA Member

  4. edsel

    edsel V-Limited Member

    IMG_6711.JPG IMG_5384.JPG

    Lateral md321h was my choice. Spools up nice and early and doesn't tail off too early.
    I personally would factor in upgraded head studs into the build, you don't mention what size injectors you plan to use? I have 565cc and they ran out of puff at 392bhp. I might be able to push them to 400 but too close to limit for me.
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  5. asperformance

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    oop north
    as above the likes of the MD321H is a full "400" style turbo albeit the often cheaper TD05 20g hybrids might get somewhere near but aren't as "strong" in all round performance terms

    uprated head studs are a must IMO for anything other than a std style build and often a 10mm oil pump will be quite sufficient unless using later AVCS heads or an external oil cooler
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  6. PeteRA

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    Sorry to hijack your thread Cristian, just want to ask folks and yourself, what’s the max power / torque the stock engine can safely run??

  7. Cristian

    Cristian Type RA Member

    hi pete, I do not know exactly, but I estimate that about 350hp.
  8. Cristian

    Cristian Type RA Member

    Hi edsel, I did not buy the injectors yet but I was thinking between 600 and 800cc.
    the turbo I want to put it in original position, preferably a garrett or ihi
  9. Cristian

    Cristian Type RA Member

    Hi asperformance, I honestly do not know the turbos dynamics and I do not know what their quality is.
    but from what I see you use them and if you recommend them they must be good, right?
  10. Cristian

    Cristian Type RA Member

    I want to thank all those who are answering me, I have very little experience in upgrading turbo engines.
    I value a lot the time they dedicate to me
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