Converting UK spec GGA WRX to 6 speed

Discussion in 'Projects, modifications & how to guides' started by PazzaAE86, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. PazzaAE86

    PazzaAE86 V-Limited Member

    Stoke on Trent
    The one car that really would work for me is the limited run of new age wrx sti wagons, but I'm mainly in it for the close ratio box.. And they cost quite a bit those cars!

    My UK WRX is a bit of a workhorse as well as a pleasure to drive, and I don't exactly want to fill a rare sti wagon full of my bikes and dogs etc.

    So got to thinking, what parts would I need to go six speed dccd ideally.. Obviously the box, rear diff also? Or transfer box ratio change? Drive shafts? Hubs? Or would the UK shafts fit the R180 diff if that was the way to go?

    Obviously if it ends up costing nearly as as much as an sti then yeah, might as well just get the sti. But if its just a couple of grand......

  2. edsel

    edsel V-Limited Member

    Factor in the price of a dccd controller, clutch, flywheel, starter motor and labour. Unless you have ramps or like lying on the floor.
    Six speed boxes aren't indestructible, stronger than five speed but synchros are known to wear and need specialist tools to repair.
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  3. Kev_STI

    Kev_STI V-Limited Member

    Get the STI!
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  4. PazzaAE86

    PazzaAE86 V-Limited Member

    Stoke on Trent
    Labour isn't an issue, i build and restore old tat/race cars outside of my 9-5.

    I read last night that a UK 6 speed would mean I don't need an R180 rear? I will look into the ratio differences of the UK 6 speed and see if its worth it..

  5. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    Be careful there are of early a lot of non dccd 6speeds with worn synchro as been mentioned.
    You could just try and find a lower ratio 5 speed box non dccd no need for all the extra gubbings
    Unless your running 350hp plus I can see your thinking ..
  6. rudolfssau

    rudolfssau I guess i'm not fast.....

    As @benji and @edsel said, the 6 speed box isn’t indistructable!
    The biggest weakpoint of the 6 speed box, not mentioning syncros, is the DCCD!
    The bigges weakpoint!
    The DCCD is the same size as in the 5 speed!
    The 02-04 didn’t come with a DCCD, the one’s you need to look at are 05(Blobeye)-07(Hawkeye) boxes!(Correct me if i’m wrong):thumb

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