Complete GF Turbo 2000 V6 Breaking for parts!


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Hi all,

Been sitting on this for a while now and I'm running out of space to store it!

I'm looking at breaking the following vehicle, it's a 2001 late V6 2000 turbo wagon.

I bought this for some of the running gear and body panels for the rally car I'm building.... what is left is surplus and I'm just trying to claw some money back.

The car runs and drives, has 160k on the clock (from memory) and is a 2 owner car!

Everything is available at this time other than....

Front bumper (fog lights are available)
Standard struts.
Standard downpipe and cat.

The car is generally tidy, but it's done the mileage!!

I will entertain offers on the rest of the whole car, of if you are after a specific part, shoot me a DM and I will let you know if it's available, and the condition.

I'm open to offers, and if I can help people out on here I'm more than willing ...
but please dont ask me to go down to the car to remove a £5 part and then offer me a quid.

With that In mind, I will be able to get down to the car at least once a week (sometimes more regularly) but will depend on work commitments, postage will also have to be days when I'm off or the other half is off so please bare with me.

Engine runs but taps (suspect will need rebuild)

No smoke from turbo

Diff doesnt whine

Pictures paint a thousand words, here she is in all her glory!!

And if you read down this far, well done!!


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Loads of bits left on this!

Perfect if you are after some odd bits here and there.

The car is now at my house (much to the mrs dismay!) So easy to get bits off!


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Are you willing to cut any bits off the loom? I'm after a plug and length of cable for one of the radiator fans and the same for the foglight switch connectors in the cabin.

Thanks, Paul