Companies with experience in converting RHD to LHD


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Hi all,

would like to get some pointers regarding REPUTABLE companies that can perform a steering wheel swap on a GC8.
I live in Europe so RHD just doesn't work but would still like to become the owner of a mint car.
Multiple experiences with swaps and technical track record are key, want no compromises in those areas.
I am aware it is costly, but am very motivated to fulfil a long cherished desire.



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Just across the Channel, The Netherlands
Try Danny Liefveld/Custom Car Repairs on Facebook. If there's somebody who knows how to deal with the Impreza body/chassis, it's him. He can also do a full check on the rust sensitive areas and a lot more.

Do keep in mind that not only parts like the dash, pedals, heater/AC system, steering rack & pipes, subframe, brake & clutch, wiper arms etc, but also the complete bulkhead and wiring needs re-doing.

You will lose the stock 15:1 or 13:1 steering rack and probably get the choice of either a 16.5 Impreza GT rack or a PRS 2.2 quick rack.


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Prodrive have done this many times, and they are very reputable.


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In Poland there are several reputable converters including authorized Subaru dealers.

Some years ago there was no other way than coversion to drive legally rhd car in Poland. That created a market for workshops which specialized in that job.

Two challenges now:
- to find a quality donor car and this is more and more difficult
- be patient as those companies usually are booked a few months if not years ahead.

I dont like to advertise any particular shop but pm me if you like and I can give you some adresses to consider.