CNC'd roof vent latches

Discussion in 'General Impreza WRX chat' started by Dairusire, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Dairusire

    Dairusire Type RA Member

    Hiya all,

    So A friend and myself have always had this feeling that the latches for the roof vents on Spec C's and Type Ra's, were to put it bluntly. A bit crap.
    They don't look that nice, and if for some reason you've got a person in the front of your car who doesn't have a foggiest clue about what happens when you open a vent at speed (100kph+), you loose a latch and possibly $100+ for a new latch depending on where you live for a genuine replacement.

    I went about looking for replacements like this. There are none. At all...

    So What I'm proposing is making these latches, re-designed to look more aesthetically pleasing and be a HELL of a lot stronger.

    So far this is what we've come up with and I'd really like your input.


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  2. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    What about the original design in a stronger material? I like the Subaru for being designed to be used and effective, not necessarily good looking with the mind of 2015. :)
  3. Dairusire

    Dairusire Type RA Member

    The original design is quite easy to make, but in this case making something different that improves Aesthetics while also improving structural integrity is the highest priority.

    Another point is possible copy rights etc for making something like that. Don't want to step on Subaru's toes, so just steering clear of that seems like the best idea at this stage :)
  4. Dairusire

    Dairusire Type RA Member

    These are all being designed as well to still be used etc, it's just we are taking a harder look at the Aesthetics and strength, while still trying to retain the functionality at 100% if not improved :)
  5. DRRally

    DRRally Showboat Superstar

    What design platform are you using? I've used Solidworks, Carteia and Autocad and ran simulating tests in the program's to compare products I've designed. Most were at uni but also I've done some work in the offshore industry with Autocad.

    It'd be cool to see with the correct materials selected/added the difference between the Subaru and your designs above. Because if you prove it to be better than the OEM part, you could be onto a winner.

    I think the anodised metal looks cool. As for price what difference between plastic material vs metal to even considering CF?
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  6. ASJ

    ASJ Moderator

    Bristol, UK
    To be a winner here, the design would need to mimic the OE part and ideally be anodized in black.

    What sort of costs are you talking as the OE part appears to have an approx. 15 year life span and can be bought for roughly 40GBP delivered in the UK - be that direct from Japan or via UK importers?

    Rgds, Ade
  7. Dairusire

    Dairusire Type RA Member

    As far as the programs go we've modelled in Creo and rendered in Keyshot, but the person I'm working with is an engineer and believes these would suit the purposes more than well enough due to the materials integrity.

    Price difference we are hoping to keep it around the same cost if not a slight touch more than the OEM part, I've had enough of over priced parts that'll just break again and again so I'm wanting to put a stop to that.

    As for CF, yes it'd look great but they'd be incredibly hard to make and very time consuming plus material costs. Where as the machining from a block of billet Alloy, is significantly easier, faster and more reliable.
    We 'can' make a part that looks like the OE part if there is demand for it to be like that, that's not a issue. We're just trying to avoid any possible issues with 'copy-rights' if that's the way to put it.

    As far as life span goes, I don't see these parts breaking any time soon, let alone 15 years time if they've been anodized right etc.
  8. Dairusire

    Dairusire Type RA Member

    Oh also just for reference, here in NZ, Subaru NZ want around $85-90+gst (15%) for that bit. Roughly that's £45 for you guys.

    We're hoping to keep it in line with that minus the tax. So just $85-90 for the part.

    Seems fair to myself?
  9. jameswrx

    jameswrx Type RA Member

    Only problem I can see over here is the fact these cars are getting towards classic status. I know if I still had my RA I'd not want to be changing the OE handle for something far more modern looking, in fact I'd not want anything other than OE.

    Not saying anything is wrong with your design in it's own right, and using it on your own car is good for you. I just think it might be worth considering that if you're looking to sell these to many RA owners you may well have a very limited market due to a lot of owners wanting to keep an appreciating classic original and it's replacement parts in keeping.
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  10. knuckster

    knuckster V-Limited Member

    The first one without the holes looks good but can't see anyone wanting a Red one.
    It would be black for me to think about getting one (or maybe at a push, dark blue to match the car).
    As long as I could re - fit the original to sell the car on

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