Clamps on Samco Hoses??

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza WRX Help & advice' started by Fatharrydog, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    I should have a Samco intercooler Y pipe kit arriving any day now. What are peoples' views on using stainless jubilee clips - will they cut into the silicone? Alternatively, I could use a stainless T-bolt clip as per the picture below - more expensive but should not cut the silicone.
  2. edsel

    edsel V-Limited Member

    Cheap hose clamps that have cut outs for the screw to wind onto will definitely cut into a silicone hose. Avoid this design....

    Unless you have problems with hoses blowing off the factory clips should be ok
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  3. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    our Samco kits come with high quality clamps as std...........

    personally you will have far more issues using those Mikkalor clamps than even a cheap "jubilee" clip - if you want the "best" then we stock & supply Murray clamps
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  4. Paul73

    Paul73 V-Limited Member

    South Coast
    My 98 Type R has nearly every single Samco hose on it and they came with stainless jubilee clips.....and not had a problem with them since the engine was put in the car about 1.5 years ago :)
  5. banhama

    banhama V-Limited Member

    Ashford, Kent
    Out of choice I would go for the Murray Clamps which @asperformance recommends.
    The only thing that worked reliably when I had FMIC pipework under 1.7bar boost. The Mikalor clamps definitely didn't!
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  6. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    I'll give you a call in the morning @asperformance Alyn
  7. BenGTTurbo

    BenGTTurbo 2000 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type-R WRC Limited

    Kent, England
    Snap :thumb
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