Carcoon users.


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My type R is not going to be used a lot so I’m going to treat it to a car coon. Who here uses one? What size do you have? Any issues at all?


Subaru S203
I've got 1. Been using 1 for years just make sure that there isn't to much mostiure in your garage.

I've also got a heater and dehumidifier in there for good measure.


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I've had one for years that I got from Hamilton Classics, and its great. One of the fans stopped working last year but got a replacement easy enough, Which I was delighted about as I've had it over 12 years now.


Topper Harley

Been using one for years . Never had an issue only ever changed filters . Unsure of the size but probably medium .
Currently building a heated garage to store it so won't be using it when it's built .

andy rich

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I've been using an Airflow Car Airchamber that circulates air around the car for a few years & it's been great so far...

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