Breaking V3 type r sprint car

Discussion in 'Imprezas & Impreza parts for sale' started by Andis, May 29, 2019.

  1. Andis

    Andis Type RA Member

    I am breaking my sprint car as it won’t get used again this year.

    Collection of parts from 7 miles off the A1 just south of Grantham Lincolnshire.

    I won’t post bigger stuff and I will not post outside the U.K.

    I won’t hold anything. If you’ve paid for it, it’s yours. If you haven’t paid for it then it’s still for sale.

    #### SHELL SOLD####

    OMP bolt in 6 point through the dash cage with added harness bar £500

    V3 blue face dccd clock set £175

    Alcatek ECU with LC/AL enabled
    Mappable by Area52Autosport/Enginetuner £425

    Parallel fuel rail set up with
    Fuelab fuel regulator £120

    Newage coil packs £80

    Reversed inlet £125

    HDI front mount intercooler & piping to match above inlet £100

    Alloy radiator £50

    Standard position Scoobyclinic SC50 billet turbo rebuilt with custom billet wheel by spool motorsport 50 miles ago. Made [email protected] 20%meth on 2.0 with v3/4sti heads. £600

    Lateral Performance group n single scroll baffled sump with return to sump ports and matching catch can with braided -10an return hose £450

    Bellmouth 3 inch downpipe £100

    3” revolution exhaust system with wider tail pipe. Great sound. Not too noisy low down but sets of the 95dB meter at blyton on full chat. Good for road, no good for track. £150

    ACT SB013 clutch with new 6 paddle plate rated to 659ft/lb from asperformance 50 miles ago

    Wilwood superlite 4 pot front callipers with 330mm 2 piece bells & rotors with brackets to fit classic.
    Great stopping power for the price £300

    Leda 3 way adjustable coilovers with external reservoirs &
    HKS front camber plates
    One rear weeping so needs rebuild
    Quoted just over £100 by corneringforce £400

    Solid rear droplinks £40

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  2. Michael Joyce

    Michael Joyce V-Limited Member

    I'll take the front brakes I'd they're in good condition and ready to fit/use? Likewise the shocks and rear drop links.

    PM sent
  3. Mikey g

    Mikey g Type RA Member

    Do you have a quick rack 2.2 for sale
  4. Classic_marc

    Classic_marc Type RA Member

    South Wales
    Hi, do you have any pictures of the brakes, anti lift kit and drop links.

  5. Chris.air

    Chris.air V-Limited Member

    Pic of reversed inlet and pipe work if you still have it. Also what ever else is required to do the swap. :thumb
  6. Chris.air

    Chris.air V-Limited Member

    Not in here much then.

    SCOOBY M Type RA Member

    Hi.Any pictures of the reversed inlet and HDI front mount intercooler & piping.
  8. Chris.air

    Chris.air V-Limited Member

    Your 2nd in que if he comes on lol
  9. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    I haven’t had a response from a part either
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  10. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    Think he's pals with @MAD Hammer so maybe he might give a nudge......

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