Bottom end failure

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So, I have a plan. Rather than spend thousands of pounds, I've decided upon improving my education and knowledge, by doing all the work myself ( as far as I can, albeit machining).
So engine out, take her apart, and see what's what. I'm not a fan of throwing things away just for the sake of convenience. At this present moment in time, funds won't allow, for, a fit and forget forever build. Long term, that will be aim, but going forward from now, I just want to enjoy, the old girl. So, I'm going to fix what's broken and leave as is. Until the bottom knocked, she was running beautifully.
Tell me, if I'm doing it wrong, if you've made the same mistake ( hopefully not), and regretted it ever since.
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Subaru S203
If you can remove and refit the engine I would give it to a engine builder to have it rebuilt.
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Bearings gaskets ancillaries and consumables will cost a grand or so. Factor in a crank, machine work and some unplanned work.
Go to a Subaru specialist web shop fill up a shopping cart to get an idea of costs.
Then call @asperformance
Subaru engine rebuild on a budget


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I had my original engine in my old type r let go on the Autobhan so got a rebuilt engine for it built by Steve Whitson which cost 3.6k all including mot and other bits .

Engine build
Spec c short block with 40k on it
My v3 sti heads fully refurbed.
New 1.6mm cometic head gaskets
New 11mm APR headbolt kit
New sump
New oil modena
New oil pump
New timing belt kit with water pump
New thermostat

Now on this classic I have once I remove the engine I will remove the heads and go from there either fully rebuild or buy a new sti shortblock .


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Not as cost effective is the main issue if they are even still available.....

Drop me your chassis by email and will check tomorrow for you