Boot hatch woes! 1997 STi Wagon

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  1. V-Lim Jim

    V-Lim Jim Type RA Member

    Hi all, I have a 1997 STI wagon with what seems to be an electrical issue following a trip to the body shop.

    Firstly, since I have had the car back the rear wiper arm no longer returns to its resting position, instead it stops wherever it happens to be when I turn it off.

    Secondly, when I unlock the car (with the key in the driver's door as the fob has long since disintegrated) it no longer unlocks the boot. The boot now remains locked with the only way to unlock it being with the key in the lock.

    Where should I begin my troubleshooting?

    TIA, Jim
  2. V-Lim Jim

    V-Lim Jim Type RA Member

    Does anyone have any advice? I have read it could be down to an earth issue but I'm not sure where this is located for the boot hatch.
  3. Kev_STI

    Kev_STI V-Limited Member

    What work did the body shop do exactly?
  4. cuili1

    cuili1 V-Limited Member

    I'd be checking all the wiring from body to tailgate through the rubber. I don't know if it's a problem in these cars, but in older cars this can be a issue.
  5. Paul92

    Paul92 V-Limited Member

    This caused some problems with my WRX.

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