Alternative to Bridgestone RE070 tyres


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Aside from cold weather and standing water a semi slick will out perform a road tyre 90% of the time.
Define cold weather.
How are you going to get an AO52, or worse still, an 888r into their operating windows, on a road car suspension, at road car speeds?
Assuming you did, how is a stiffer sidewall going to deform to the variances of a road?


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The P zero trofeo R has an extremely soft sidewall. I think we can qualify this tyre of proper semi slick :)
Indeed, it's incredibly soft on sidewall, I wont give away what we do with that tyre in Time Attack on Josef's 750BHP car, but we know enough to have set lap records for the class at many UK circuits.

I tried doing a Sprint on those at one event in 0 degrees C in Josef's car, I parked the car, it was deadly. I would have been faster in my road car. Those tyres really are a summer or track only tyre, i really struggled to stop the brakes locking up at 150MPH just using my big toe on the pedals. :rofl:

Going back to my Cosworth Westfield, i used to run that on 15" ACB10 tyres, you could roll them inside out because they were so flexible.

The full slicks i run on the F1 cars are so soft we transport them by wrapping them inside themselves to reduce space taken up. The Slicks i run on the GT3 Ferrari are pretty bloody stiff.

I dont want to argue with Ross, but there is a hell of a lot more to a tyre performance than how stiff it is. There are plenty of very high performance tyres that are not rock hard, they vary a lot depending on size and use, you often need a softer sidewall to generate the required slip angle performance.


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Bridgestone has not been producing this tire for several years in size 225/45 /R17 witch you are probably looking for. A very good replacement for this tire is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Good tire for ’06 STi.