Ade's charity donations

Sue here...and for those who really know me, practically speechless for once..... but not quite.

RAde Day 2020 has been totally amazing, completely beyond any expectations we might have had. Very enjoyable and busy - super cars and posts - all 24 pages! I tried the quiz and was surprised to get 6 right before I timed. Best to leave that to the experts...

But incredibly, donations totalling over £1,200.......just stunning. Thank you.

You are all very, very special. Ade would have been so proud - not new - he was always proud of Type-RA,

See you at RAde Day 2021 if not, hopefully, before then.

Keep Safe x

Great to hear from you Sue.

We are looking forward to seeing you as soon as we can.

Stay safe :)
Unfortunately I never have the pleasure of meeting Ade but have heard a lot about him and he sounds like my kind of guy. As you have said Sue @ASJ this years (virtual) RAde Day was amazing and a nice some of money raised for a worthy cause. Hope we can all get together real soon for a drink and catch up :thumb, until then keep safe and be happy :rofl::rofl::rofl: