99 WRX - Build Log


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That's what I'm thinking but not sure there is enough room to get my flare tool etc in there. If there is, I need to see if I can clamp the joint somehow to prevent vibrations, possibly at the same point where the block would be normally.

This is the problem area


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Hey all,

Hope you've been keeping well with all the craziness we've had this year! My Impreza I don't think has moved since lockdown and spent most of its time on axle stands to protect the tyres.

Done a couple of minor jobs since the last update. Last month I finally got around to replacing the front drop links. The old ones appeared to be adjustable but were shagged to say the least. Very rusty, very floppy, and the rubber was perished and split. Just settled for some standard ICP ones.


This month I had a go at resealing the rear lights. They've been sealed with the black sticky goo that people recommend but most of it had migrated south and the top edge of the light had lots of dirt on it. This must be where the water was getting in. I purchased a foam sealing kit from eBay that came with a main seal and some foam washers that go around the bolts. Getting the old goo off was a nightmare so ended up just flattening it back as much as possible and using its stickiness to attach the foam seal to the light housing. Hopefully this combo will be enough to fix the problem.

I also replaced the fuel filter... Clearly been doing its job!

Last but not least I was looking through some of the 'important things I keep just in case' (read: crap) in the garage and came across a J's Racing tow hook I bought for my FN2 Civic Type R. I paid way too much for it but is bloody solid unlike the aluminium 'show' hooks you see on eBay etc. Thought I'd see if its fits and what do you know! Its like it was made for the car! There's a little protrusion that goes through the middle of the tow hook on the car then the black piece and the bolt mash it together to stop it slipping. Might tart it up a little as some of paint has flaked, otherwise I'm quite pleased with it. Doesn't poke out any more then the exhaust tip, nor does it touch the bumper.