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    So today was the 1st step of the project that I will be referring to as "The Classic Classic". I plan to update the thread any time I do something related to the car, almost using it as diary/journal of all the work that will take place. Updates initially will be quite thin on the ground due to family/study/work commitments, however I will try to keep it updated as things occur. I have no deadlines so the car will simply be ready when its ready.

    Now this car is my 6th Subaru, however all the others I have owned were usually worked on by a mechanic friend or RA Motorsport in Perth. So I have limited mechanical knowledge, so please feel free to correct me or guide me if you think Im going wrong. I plan to do as much of the work to get it road worthy myself, with any savings going towards the final respray that the car will eventually need.

    I would love to go down a nuts and bolt replacement project, but I think initially I just want to get it running and roadworthy and looking nice, keeping it stock in both performance and looks. A full restoration is beyond me financially.

    After taking delivery of the WRX at the start of the month, it has pretty much sat in the garage. Before I started I needed to start buying some bits and pieces to get me started. So, my first couple of purchases weren't actually for the car but to help me work on it.

    1st off - Decent trolley jack and axel stands, purchased from SGS Engineering.


    And a decent socket set from Bergen.

    Onto the car -
    On its first night in its new home, it decided to leak oil all over floor so I needed to get it up to get a proper look. My mechanic friend Craig dropped round for a look last week and thinks its coming from the rear crank seal. So today I got the front up for a proper look.

    Seeping down -

    So at present I have a piece of old kitchen lino down under the car and a bucket to catch the drips, its not much but enough to make a mess on the concrete.

    When I got the car, I was told that all engine fluids had been changed, but from my initial pictures of underneath the car when I got it off the transporter was that the oil hadn't been done, as I could see the rust on the filter. Being up the stands allowed me to get a proper look. Not sure about the sump, Im hoping that its just surface rust but it may need replaced, maybe someone could advise??


    As the car won't be getting used initially, Im going to change the oil and filter in the 1st instance. Craig thought that some new oil might help in preventing the seaping from the rear crank, plus its obviously old judging by the state of the filter. Nothing fancy for this initially, just a generic filter and some Castrol so I can start it up over the winter and move it up and down the driveway, before it goes on the road I will replace with a genuine black subaru filter and some Millers oil.

    General condition underneath

    Decided to check the condition of the air filter before ordering up a new one, only to find the box empty - no filter!

    1st purchase for the car - The Genuine WRX decal from ebay.

    Thats it for now.

    Please feel free to comment and add suggestions as I go along, like I said Im no mechanic but I'm eager to learn.
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  2. Fatharrydog

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    @Carboy had a HKS filter for sale recently....
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    Really pleased you have started a Resto thread.....:thumb these very early cars are so thin on the ground, I think you will be onto a winner in years to come.

    Rgds, Ade
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  4. benji

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    Good write up, and be nice to see once complete , busy this winter then lol
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    If you can afford it space-wise, I would decide on to what level you will engage and then consult your friend on how to do it practically. The problem is that the more parts you take off, the more dirt or rust or whatever you reveal. Make a list, possibly in categories and then just attack it, one objective at a time. Then order the needed replacement parts and get batches of part ready for cleaning, painting, etc. In This way you might get some discounts plus an overview of the involved costs.
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    So ordered up a few bits and pieces during the week. First off was a service kit from Import Car Parts (many thanks) which consisted of Air,Fuel and Oil Filter. Also ordered up a Draper oil filter chain, some Castrol 10w40 Oil and a trim removal kit. I also upgraded to a V Limited Membership as well.




    First job was to get some fresh fuel into the car, it has been sitting just above the empty mark since it arrived. So quick trip to the local shell garage to get 5 litres of V Power.

    Next up was the air filter so she is now breathing fresh filtered air:

    Next was the fuel filter - off with the old:


    and on with the new:


    Removal of the fuel filter was pretty easy, only issue I had was getting the pipe off the ends of the old filter. I didn't have 90 degree flat edged pliers so I used the right hand side of one of the trim removal tools to push the pipes down and off.


    Once it was removed, did a quick comparison between the two filters. Before fitting the new filter, I popped off the protective ends caps, and gave them a little spray of lubricant just to help ease the pipe back on during fitting. Tightened up the screws to clamp everything down and mopped up any drips of fuel.


    I had planned to get the oil changed but by this point I realised the the Draper tool was the wrong fitment for my ratchet set so it seemed like a good time to call it a day.
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  7. 53R

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    Subscribed :D

    Like my 95 when I picked it up :)


    Took mine apart and cleaned everything. Looking forward to seeing yours :)
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    Chris @Ovv this is the rear washer bottle you need:thumb

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  9. Ovv

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    Excellent. Any ideas where I could get one?
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  10. Nice :)

    Makes me wonder if I'm doing the right thing building mine into a rally car :wondering:
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