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555 WRC Prodrive color code

Discussion in 'Prodrive Impreza 555 Group A' started by Pui_RA, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Pui_RA

    Pui_RA N1WRC

    Bangkok, Thailand
    8CE34386-90E2-4864-9BF1-EA30BF09A1BE.jpeg 343D08E5-6D90-4811-BEB9-2BE975048EC4.jpeg
    Do you think it’s the same color? The blue for Renault looks darker when compare to the N1WRC car. What is your opinion?
  2. Burnsie

    Burnsie Moderator

    North west
    Yes, don’t forget you are looking at a sample on a computer screen, the colour will change dramatically in natural light and the 555 cars look almost purple in some light.
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  3. Pui_RA

    Pui_RA N1WRC

    Bangkok, Thailand
    Just got the sample color and I took a picture in different angle. I think this color is the right one. Tell me what do u guys think.

    Thank you!

    BCB8F580-E8C6-41B7-AB5D-681E4CF3C208.jpeg E7E7D556-98B7-4E54-92C9-196044144A23.jpeg
  4. Davy jones

    Davy jones Type RA Member

    Looking to respray In future also. Did you use the sample colour you show in pictures? Any pictures? Did it match up to pro drive colours?

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