22B with 15,000k


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You’d really want someone to look over it. With a car like this I’d expect/hope that the work was done well and could have been done by Subaru when the car wad 6 months old and so all ok.
I’d probably accept it in a swap deal for my type r. I’d sell it, buy my R back and probably have about a 100k in change! It’ll be interesting if anyone can find out what it makes.


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Yes agree, they are some great cars to be had Grade R, I’ve seen a few and as you say, if it’s been done professionally it’s a lot of car, BUT needs to be fully examined and driven, you certainly don’t want a bent chassis.


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alot of xx on it - could explain the low kms
parked up damaged

fuck that either way - far to risky for the price itl make


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I bet it sells for 100k There have been a few here in the States that have sold for over $250k. The market has lost it's mind.


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how are 22b legally imported to the states?