2019 Whiteline Subaru Sprint Series

Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by Kev_STI, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Kev_STI

    Kev_STI 2019 Type-RA.com decal owner

    Seems well up, probably squats nicely without being overly stiff.

    I was being very gentle on mine, no launch control, holding revs around 4k and go. Maybe a more standard ish spec clutch allows you some slip without lighting it up. My feeling is that I'm better using a lighter clutch and going through them rather than gearboxes!
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  2. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    And it was wet! My best time last year was 1.64s.
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  3. Joe v3sti

    Joe v3sti Type RA Member

    I really wouldn't read too much into the javelin 60odd foot times :giggle: . However, all you can take from them is how you compare to other people in your class.
    This was my first time attending Japanese sprint series. Must say, nice friendly paddock. Dead relaxed and layed back, yet fierce competition.
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  4. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    Did you enter @Joe v3sti ? can't see a Joe on the results list.
  5. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    Pretty sure Joe just went along to catch up with Damien, Steven, Clive, etc.
  6. MAD Hammer

    MAD Hammer Mad Hammer Motorsport

    The Fens
    Damn. My 1.66 was lost as run didnt count due to previous runner off track.

    Good time Adrian. Just show them boys with LC up. Btw I hadn’t got it activated ;)
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  7. Winchester

    Winchester V-Limited Member

    Hampshire UK
    Thanks... I lost all the dry morning runs too, just had to make the best of it!

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