1995 Impreza WRX STi Version II Type RA

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    Sadly I have to put up for sale my 1995 V2 STI Type RA (MY96), the reason is because I have now committed to taking on the family STI RA V Ltd and also prepare my Spec C for more track use.

    The RA was imported at the end of 2016 and arrived early 2017 which I bought from Hurst cars in Bedford in March last year.

    It has been lightly modified with a H&S group A replica exhaust system, 3” catless downpipe into 2.5” system and group A back box, this sounds awesome! Also running rare & immaculate OZ/Sparco Terra 17” wheels and Pirelli tyres however there is an option to have it with 16” Speedline ST2’s at a cheaper price if you wish (ideally I’d like to keep the Sparco’s).

    Exterior is very clean and straight, a few marks here and there and small scratches on the NS rear and some door edges but overall extremely clean and tidy for its age, it really doesn’t show its miles and has to be one of the easiest cars I’ve owned to clean as paintwork is very good and always kept indoors and waxed since I’ve had it.

    I have had the underneath cleaned and clear sealed by Onyx Automotive last year using Dynax products, there is some black sealer running along the sills, front & rear cross member for extra durability, however underneath is immaculate and rear inner and outer arches pristine. (Have photos if required).
    I have also had the fog light covers painted and renewed the stickers due to fade, pink STI bonnet badge added.

    Engine bay is very tidy and standard, nice and clean, not messed with, just renewed the IC water spray bottle.

    Interior very good, all standard bar the OMP WRC steering wheel and Japanese spec CD player/Carrozzeria speakers, again it doesn’t show it’s age with exception of some light wear on the drivers side bolster (now sewn up to stop it getting worse) and a small hole in the centre of the drivers seat base, still offering full support and very nice seats overall. There is a working turbo timer but I don’t use it and also the obligatory road toll card reader on start up.

    Drivers side door seal has been replaced for genuine new however there is still a very small amount of wind noise.

    It is an AC and electric window spec car (has the lightweight stick on patches for the window winders ;-))

    Mechanically apart from exhaust the brakes and suspension are standard, brakes renewed last year (I have the 4 pot front upgrade calipers if required). Clutch was also a newly fitted Exedy unit fitted when I bought the car, nice and light, good bite and feels standard. Gearshift is lovely, nice and tight with no slop and the correct close/low ratio box.

    There are a couple of light knocks at the rear when driving over rough roads but can’t decide if it’s exhaust or just needs new top mount but ideally it would be nice to re-bush anyway.

    Drives very well and pulls strongly through the rev range as only an RA can! Starts hot or cold with no issues, no funny noises.

    In my ownership it has never been on track and never intended too, it has been purely kept as a second weekend car and completed approx. 1500 miles since I bought it (Mar 2017).

    Mileage currently at 205K KM (still running in KM with speed limiter).

    Grade R, auction history shows the bonnet has been replaced but I struggle to see if this is true or not as nothing is detracted from appearance and it is a lovely genuine car with some nice patina. Some slight paint fade on the plastic bonnet vents and original spoiler (still available) but I decided to run the low level WRX spoiler as I prefer the look.

    I have the auction history and CarVX report with the car.

    2 Keys.

    Everything works as it should.

    Classic car insurance.

    The plan is to service before sale.

    Grab it while you can, it’s a fantastic example of a rare car which I am genuinely begrudged to sell and I know I will regret it.

    Feel free to contact me for more photos/info if required, I have pics of most of the paint marks and underneath etc, please be aware I work away so may not be available straight away, please bear with me.

    £SOLD ono

    (I have a friend interested so he has first refusal but I thought I’d offer here if he can’t go ahead as I want it to stay with an enthusiast)

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  2. 53R

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    Hmmmmm <3 must resist :(
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  3. Kev_STI

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    I'm trying to resist selling it!

    engine bay (also have original turbo heatshield)
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  4. 53R

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    You're killing me :D You should swap for a 555 Wagon and some monies :D
  5. Kev_STI

    Kev_STI V-Limited Member

    :D I just sold my 555 wagon last year, i'm trying to gain space!

    hmmmmm is it possible? :D
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  6. Kev_STI

    Kev_STI V-Limited Member

    Sold, successfully converted an RS Cosworth owner.

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  7. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    Bloody hell, that was quick:thumb
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  8. sc86

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    no messing there!
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  9. PeteRA

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    Cracking car and honest advert, wasn’t going to last long. Another Cossie convert, good on him, probably know him I’m sure.
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  10. Kev_STI

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    He's a long time friend and equally car obsessed owner (runs a few of the car meets in Notts), it's in very good hands that's for sure....I've told him i want first refusal if he ever decides to sell!:)

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