1995 GT wagon


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So, after a long period of thinking I would ever get a good start on my '95 WRX Wagon, I've decided to do a partout. It was too far gone.

I've looked for months for a decent replacement, but it seemed the pre facelift wagons (except for some bad ones) weren't around anymore.

Then one popped up for sale, in the Netherlands, service history, decent condition, nice interior, and allround in decent shape.

Spanish import 07-1995 GT with aircon, abs, airbag, Speedline ST2's, no roof rails, no sunroof, re-trimmed interior with leather/Alcantara, and quite original still.




Of course some modifications had to be made.

Much better. Next step was to replace the center console with the Japanese cupholder type, with arm rest. Also the panel under the steering column needed replacing.

I also wanted my own Alpine radio in it, since I just didn't like the look of the Pioneer that was in it. And of course the 4 piece Lamco set would be installed.

While I was at it, I decided to install my '97/'98 shifter. I once made a hybrid shift rod to fit on the phase 1 U-joint, while being able to fit the superior phase 1.5 shifter.
Still had the kit full poly bushed, new UJ, and poly rear shift support bush.

Halfway through I found out this car had the old style phase 1 servicable U-joint, and the pin wouldn't come out of the shaft. Long story short, I took the complete transfer case off, adressing the oil leaks as well.
Next week it will all go back together with a full Gr.N bush/mount kit and fresh bolts.

Other than that, the alternator needs replacing, I think there is some unbalace in the harmonic balancer, the sills need some attention due to abused jack points, and the strut towers will get a full inspection and wax coating.

In the winter I want to pull the engine for a full service as well, and try to find out what the setup is. Seems to be an unmarked side entry turbo, and 1 port of the solenoid is open.
It does have an ESL board with remap, but I need to figure out what to do with it.


Still a bit of a mess in the workshop, but it'll do for now.
pleased you centraled the plate.
I'll take a few photos of how the rear bumper beam is mounted, and how the aerial isn't centered on the roof correctly.
But these things keep me busy at least.

All in all it's a quite decent car, 160xxx km on the clock.

It even has a speed sensor instead of a cable, which gave me the perfect location for the Lamco wiring loom.
Got her back on the road yesterday, after a bit of struggle to get the JDM center console and the Lamco boost gauge in.


Next up is replacing the rear bumper beam, flushing the coolant system, removing the rear radio bracket as it interferes with the radio and cup holder, replace the boost gauge light bulb, and check the pins of the headlight washer switch.
My i/c spray switch fits right in the plug, but illumination doesn't work.




Still not 100% about this Type R splitter:

So I picked up a decent aluminium bonnet, a Type R lip in need of some work, cambelt kit, oil pump, steel cam pulleys, new crank pulley and bolt, cam covers and seals done, turbo oil and water hose, radiator hoses, cam cover seals, cam seals, crank seals, clutch kit etc.
Also got a new '97+ shifter U-joint and installed the matching shift rod.
'04 RHD STi clutch cylinder with the old shorter rod, new slave cylinder, and remote reservoir to create some space for an STi intercooler.


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I think the Type R splitter is growing on me.
Also found a new old stock i/c spray bottle, and the guy happened to have a used bracket and new tailgate seal as well.

After the clutch replacement I still had some issues with gear engagement, even with the fully new shifter setup. 1 week went by, and the noise from the transmission became worse until the check engine light came on. Idle control valve.

Put the car back in storage, drained the oil, and sure enough:


The transmission fairy decided to sprinkle some bearing dust in the oil.

So now I need to decide to store the car for the rest of the summer and go the 6 speed route, or to get a 754 rebuilt with shorter ratios.

I was offered a Type RA STi V3 transmission with DCCD as well, but I'm not sure I want to go close ratio.

This screws up the planning pretty much, though I was able to find out the car has an ESL board and it was mapped with a side entry TD04. Without restriction boost would peak around 1.3 bar with fuel cut like results now and then.

Now it boosts around 1.15 with some hesitation around 4500rpm, and then it just goes like hell.
Coils are new, plugs are new, fuel filter is new, Walbro is installed, fuel brand is not the issue, every item on the boost control system has been swapped out, MAF has been replaced, throttle switch has been set to factory spec, IACV is clean, and there don't seem to be any boost leaks.
My guess is that the H&S 3" to 2.5" downpipe was installed after the remap.

My plan is to replace the TD04 with a TD05, pull the manifold off, replace all hoses underneath, get some phase II injectors and a new original fuel pressure regulator, and get it remapped with an STi i/c.
Since the ramp wasn't installed yet.

Next up is the manifold off for some serious work. Brembo's will also be prepared, so it will not see the light of day until next spring. On a trailer. For a remap.

Aiming for around 315 and a smooth curve. Something is note quite right at the moment.

More updates coming soon.

New header tank, intake hose, exhaust gaskets, ph1.5 yellow tops, pressure regulator, recirc valve, turbo core, pcv hoses and valve, and many more bits are on their way. Just a full list of hoses to go, getting the AC system emptied, and we're good to go.