1995 GC4 2 Door project

Discussion in 'Impreza Restorations' started by Bruce McArthur, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    A little progress today - main drive shaft fitted and rear diff ratio confirmed as 4.44 to match gearbox - Phew ! fitted a factory quick shift gear lever assembly (refurbished with new ball & socket + new linkage bushes). I also spent a bit of time modifying the alternator bracket to delete the AC pump & tensioner mounts - pretty pleased with how it came up after a bit of work with a hacksaw and a file, then a bit of drill mounted wire wheel to clean it up before I painted it. Removed door handles to either repaint matt black or find original black versions to fit with my RA theme & changed all door/boot locks to match ignition key..(didn't have the original key and I changed to a Ver 2 steering column to match the dash, etc.

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  2. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Motor ready to go in - Yahoo...

    Had to do some re-wiring of the Ver 1 Engine wiring loom to work on the Ver 3 Manifold - TPS needed changing from a 4 to a 3 wire plug, IAC plug had to be extended and I replaced a couple of broken injector plugs. I have a small loom to make to take power and signal from 2 of the original "coil on head" plugs to the wasted spark coil but I can do that when engine is in (my microtech ECU can run in wasted spark mode). So tomorrow night it will be time to drop it in the hole - I figured midnight was a bit late tonight to be using a chain block in the attached garage ;-)
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  3. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Engine now running on a default Microtech startup tune - yay ! radiator had to be replaced as it had a split around top hose outlet, exhaust system fitted, few things to tidy up before interior goes in but I'm on the final stretch at last...
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  4. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Been too cold to do much on the car over last week or so and I've had a miserable cold to deal with as well... ;-(

    Did manage to make sure rear diff has old in it & to also get my reverse lights working...seemed the gearbox switch was faulty so I replaced it and then bulbs that looked fine but were actually not at all...and one bulb holder had some rust stopping the flow of electrons.

    Mechanically it is now ready for an ECU tune, but I still need to put the interior back in and there is some things holding that up - while carpet and some dash components are out it's a perfect time to fit an alarm. Also need to mount the Microtech ECU in the factory location, once those things are done it will be time to put the remaining interior in and send it to the tuners.

    I had the Odometer adjusted to reflect the correct & original mileage of the car - 95,011Kms, the shell didn't come with the correct cable driven speedo as they were previously fitting a ver 4/5 dash and electrics (I have converted back to Ver 2/3) - but I have been able to verify the mileage from official records.

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  5. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    DSC_1879.JPG DSC_1878.JPG
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  6. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Finally off axle stands and been driven a few K's to make sure everything is OK - it wasn't !! major overheating issue & had to call my wife and get her to come tow me home. After finding various blockages in the radiator system I elected to shout it a new radiator. All good now I'm happy to report.

    Still have my black door mirrors to install to complete the RA look with black door handles.

    Just also found an original spray nozzle + under bonnet scoop panel to fit along with the spray bottle for the engine bay. I have the dash IC Spray button and just finished making a timer circuit kit to pulse the sprayer when needed. Might even have that function controlled by the ECU based on intake temp. ;-)

    Retna Silver.JPG
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