1995 GC4 2 Door project

Discussion in 'Impreza Restorations' started by Bruce McArthur, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Thought some of the clan may be interested in my latest project...a 1995 GC4 2 Door Retna Impreza 1.6 4WD Auto Trans.

    Dry stored for 9 years with only 95,000kms on the clock. Partially converted by previous owner (deceased) with a Ver 2 STi RA CDB engine, WRX Box and rear diff - my task is to finish the project started a decade ago.

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  2. V3 type r

    V3 type r Type RA Member

    Nice find @Bruce McArthur are There much 2 door cars over there? I've only ever seen 2 or 3 of that model
  3. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Excellent find @Bruce McArthur :thumb
    Looking forward to the project:)
    I have a Retna door in my shed:)
  4. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    I've started stripping out the body wiring loom, it was already a Ver 5 ish wiring loom and dash installed but didn't suit the early Ver 2 door cards so I've decided to revert to a 95 period dash and wiring loom, etc. Getting rid of the STi pedal set in favour of the better looking versions (still silver metal pedals but with black buttons and no STi logo's). Tracking down heater components, dash bar and wiring loom.


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  5. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    The Retna is a rare find in New Zealand, the only ones I have ever seen or heard of are the 1.5 FWD Auto 2 door...I did not even know there was a 1.6 4WD, manual !
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  6. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    nice one Bruce........
  7. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Just an update...have pulled the complete V2 vehicle wiring looms & dash from a donor car and ready to start reassembly of it into the 2 door car...also scored a Microtech ECU to run it which is pre-tuned for the yellow injectors and VF22 I'm going to be running on the engine (using a ver 3/4 manifold, etc).

    Pretty much got everything needed so it's time to get busy !
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  8. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Getting there with the wiring loom install - taking my time before fitting the dash support bar as I need to fit an alarm and think this is the best time to do a stealthy install. I have a Uniden VS2600XR from another car to install - just an average quality alarm but having difficulty finding an installation manual for it though ;-)

    The loom is from a non AC car so I also purchased the AC delete housing that goes between the blower module (left side) and the main heater core/controls.

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  9. Bruce McArthur

    Bruce McArthur V-Limited Member

    Finally managed some time on the project over the last few days...

    I removed the std front suspension struts (lowered springs), front steel A arms and swapped in some alloy arms as well as some BG Legacy STi Bilstein struts with WRX strings and top hats...it's probably going to sit too low as I fitted the std springs without use of a spring compressor, but we'll see. Refitted the front brake hard and flexible brake lines, brake pedal assembly, booster, proportioning valve (which had all been removed by previous owner) and threw some slotted rotors in and original 2 pot calipers. Fitted rear hand brake cables, brake calipers and flexible brake lines (all missing when I purchased car). Bled the hydraulic system and now have a mint feeling pedal.

    The rear trailing arms also needed fitting as well as rear sway bar chassis hangers , bar may be an STi or RA sway bar as it is quite thick at 20mm...much larger than the std sized sway bar rubbers that came with the hangers.

    Wiring mostly done and dash almost ready to refit...

    Seem to think it also has a plate type rear diff fitted to the car - hope so...think it should be a 4.44 as that would match the gearbox code that is fitted.
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  10. Winchester

    Winchester V-Limited Member

    Hampshire UK
    Does the Retna have manual wind up windows?

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