SUBARU「新型レヴォーグ プロトタイプ STI Sport」を初公開

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    Latest press release from Subaru
    SUBARU「新型レヴォーグ プロトタイプ STI Sport」を初公開

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    SUBARU unveils "New Levorg Prototype STI Sport" for the first time
    -SUBARU's first electronic control damper and drive mode select-

    SUBARU unveiled the "New Revogue Prototype STI Sport" * 1 at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020.

    World premiere of the new Revogue prototype at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. A performance wagon that brings together the cutting-edge technology of SUBARU and realizes a "future in which everyone can enjoy driving for their own will and indefinitely" in a mobility society where autonomous driving is advancing.

    The aim of developing the new Levorg is to create a future that truly enjoys driving, which is the essence of cars, for all customers who trust SUBARU. Be a partner. "
    And based on the "Grand Touring Philosophy" that SUBARU continues to advocate "farther, faster, more comfortable, and safer", it pours in the latest technology with an eye on the future and is a symbol of the new generation SUBARU. Developed as a model.

    The newly launched "Revogue Prototype STI Sport" is a unit that opens up the "future of SUBARU driving" that continues to innovate, with SUBARU and STI working together to further refine the advanced driving performance of the new Levorg. is.

    The "New Revogue Prototype STI Sport" is the first to use an electronically controlled damper in SUBARU. It combines high-quality riding with a high-quality ride that can be seen immediately from the start of the run, and a sporty run. In addition, SUBARU's first adoption of "Drive Mode Select", which allows you to change the character of a car with a single switch operation. In addition to the power unit control of the conventional "SI drive", it is now possible to control the steering, damper, and AWD system. By synchronizing the car according to the characteristics of the various drivers and their feelings at the time, the driver's freedom of driving is enhanced and the driving experience is further enhanced.

    A new page for the new Levorg prototype in the SUBARU official website

    World premiere of the new Revogue prototype (issued October 23, 2019)

    * 1: The “STI Sport” is the highest grade that further enhances the “driving performance”, “running texture” and “interior / exterior texture” of each model in collaboration with STI. Set for Levorg, WRX S4 and Subaru BRZ currently on sale as of January 2020.
    New Levorg prototype STI Sport
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