SUBARU 2020年モータースポーツ活動計画について

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    Latest press release from Subaru
    SUBARU 2020年モータースポーツ活動計画について

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    SUBARU 2020 Motor Sports Activity Plan

    SUBARU and Subaru Technica International Co., Ltd. * 1 , the company's motorsports management company, have provided an overview of motorsports activities in 2020.

    ■ SUPER GT Series The GT300 class of SUPER GT, the highest category of motor sports in Japan,
    Participate in SUBARU BRZ GT300.
    STI's Makoto Shibuya will be the overall manager of the team, and "R & D SPORT" * 2 will be in charge of the team management. The two drivers will be Takuto Iguchi and Hideki Yamauchi.
    The vehicles participating in 2020 aim to win the series by improving the reliability of the horizontally opposed engine, improving the combustion efficiency, optimizing the chassis and aerodynamic characteristics, and improving the tire contact property.

    ■ Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race
    Participate in the WRX STI NBR Challenge in the SP3T * 3 class of the 48th Nürburgring 24-hour Endurance Race (Eifel, Germany, May 21-24), which has been participating for 13 consecutive years since 2008.
    STI's Eiji Tatsumi will be the overall manager of the team, and mechanics dispatched from SUBARU dealers nationwide after strict selection will support the team together with STI engineers. The drivers will be Carlo Vandam (Netherlands), Tim Schlick (Germany), Hideki Yamauchi (Japan), and Takuto Iguchi (Japan), who will continue from 2019, when they have won consecutive classes. .
    In 2020, the race vehicles will undergo a complete review of aerodynamics, new shark skin painting treatment, strengthening of the drive train, optimization of brakes, etc., to pursue even faster than the 2019 class car that won the class victory. You. With the advanced overall performance as a weapon, we aim to be the highest ever in the overall ranking, exceeding the 18th place in 2019 as well as the third consecutive victory in the SP3T class.

    ■ All Japan Rally Championship SUBARU support players will participate in the WRX STI in the All Japan Rally Championship. In addition to continuing support for Toshihiro Arai, Norihiko Katsuta and Takuma Kamada, who have won consecutive titles in the top class last season * 4 , Daiki Arai, who is second in the top class last season, this season Support players.
    In addition, at each competition venue, mechanics selected from SUBARU dealers will carry out maintenance support for the competition vehicles of sponsoring players.

    ■ SUBARU BRZ One Make Race
    STI will dispatch a service team at each event of the GAZOO Racing 86 / BRZ race to provide Subaru user support.

    * 1: Subaru Technica International Co., Ltd. (Representative: Yasuo Hiraoka, Mitaka City, Tokyo; abbreviation: STI)
    * 2: R & D Sports Co., Ltd. (Representative: Shinji Motojima, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa)
    * 3: Turbo engine class with displacement of 2 liters or less
    * 4: A class of four-wheel drive vehicles with an engine cylinder capacity exceeding 2.5 liters (equivalent to the displacement x 1.7 for vehicles with a turbocharger)
    SUBARU BRZ GT300 2019 WRX STI NBR Challenge 2019
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