1. type-ra

    28 years ago today

  2. wrxdoug

    1998 WRX STi Type R

    Car now away :thumb
  3. shanemc

    V2 Red Ra on Facebook

    Needs tidying, 2k sterling, in Cumbria. Type in 'Impreza parts' into Facebook and the page/breaker that it's on will come up
  4. C

    MAHLE piston and ring set

    Hello everyone! I have MAHLE Motorsport piston and ring set WRX209917I10 for sale. SPECIFICATIONS: Bore (in): 3.917 in. Bore (mm): 99.500mm Piston Style: Dish, with four valve reliefs Piston Material: Forged aluminum Compression Height (in): 1.209 in. Piston Head Volume (cc): +10.00cc Wrist...
  5. N

    Help with my swap

    Hey guys, first im sorry for my bad english, isnt my native language, also i doesnt have mechanic knowledge at all, so sorry for that too. I have a 1995 Impreza GX, with an 1996 ej20 turbo from a wrx. First, i would like to know what turbo does that motor have, and what motor specificly it is...
  6. Race Altered

    Race Altered MY00 STI RA Ltd no.1456/2000

    Well it's time, put the car on stands last night for a good inspection and realised its a full on underbody restoration I'm now undertaken,this is not going to be a quick and easy restoration, I will be doing the best I can with time and funds allowing (and the misses) but will update with...
  7. longsh07

    Suspension Recommendations - 99 WRX

    Collecting up info on suspension as my 99 WRX's coilovers were flagged as advisory on last MOT so I'm looking at my options to replace them. Not going to try and get new springs as I believe they are Blitz coils so could be hard to come by outside of Japan. Can't read anything on the springs so...
  8. H kirby

    Impreza Type-R 'V-Limited' STI 1999

    Hi, unfortunately i have to list for sale my rare recently imported impreza type R. the car has a low mileage of 66,000 miles and looks in very good condition. it is a genuine type r 'limited' and the underside looks brand new with not a spec of rust or dirt on it. mechanically it is again as...