1. Ric McLaughlin

    Subaru's at BGM on Dirtfish

    Some history sitting around in here... Dirtfish can be hit and miss but more stuff like this would be welcome. Never knew that Prodrive were involved with the Skoda!
  2. N

    Wanted Subaru Type R 97-99 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project

    Wanted Subaru Type R 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project Must Have WRC / 22b Wide Body Road Going or Part Built Project Let Me Know What You Have Cash Waiting For Right Car
  3. C

    MAHLE piston and ring set

    Hello everyone! I have MAHLE Motorsport piston and ring set WRX209917I10 for sale. SPECIFICATIONS: Bore (in): 3.917 in. Bore (mm): 99.500mm Piston Style: Dish, with four valve reliefs Piston Material: Forged aluminum Compression Height (in): 1.209 in. Piston Head Volume (cc): +10.00cc Wrist...
  4. Michael Seeds

    Blobeye Mirrors

    Hi I am looking a set of WRC style mirrors for my blobeye. Do the classic ones fit? I like the style of them better than the blobeye WRC ones.
  5. Race Altered

    2 door shell for wrc rep

    thought I would ask the question ahead of my plans, So I want to build a wrc2000 rep as below,So will need a shell would like a rolling shell but I know the 2 doors are getting thin on the ground, I won't be starting to really put money behind the project for a few months yet be but wanted...
  6. TrevS

    Impreza WRC S5/S6 best body kit

    Hi all I am totally new to Subaru and Impreza's but am currently looking for a Type R project car to turn into a WRC replica. I know there is at least one member on here that is also undertaking this kind of project so wondered if anyone could recommend the best place to get either bodywork...