1. Ric McLaughlin

    Immaculate Speedline 2113's for sale

    I've decided to sell my Speedline Group N-spec 2113's that came on my car having just ordered a new set of... well, Speedlines. These are 17x8 5x100's ET48's (will confirm with the stamp on the back of the wheels later on today when I get a second to pull the spare, more pics up once new wheels...
  2. shanemc

    V1/V2 Sti wheels wanted

    In straight condition, with or without tires. 07491106386.
  3. Tom R

    Speedline SL1214 17x7j toyo proxes T1R

    Hi folks, Trying to clear out the growing pile of Un needed bits from my subaru projects... Got a set of 4 SL1214 (17x7j et55) with good toyo tyres in 215/45/17, tread is 3.5-4mm on 2 tyres and 6mm on other 2. No damage and hold air ok, been sat on the sti in the garage for a few months with no...
  4. BananaChips

    Want that proper gravel look?

    If I still had the 555 I'd wouldn't be telling you guys about these. Look rough but don't see them often. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/permalink/1671396943157883/?rt=11 (I have no affiliation with this sale whatsoever, but would rather see them on a suitable Subaru)