type ra

  1. drph

    BC Canada MY95 WRX Type RA STi Version Restore

    Step 1 : Sorting out the chaos I've created an album here documenting the current state of the Type RA I've purchased. I'm trying to make a list of all the things that are incorrect, broken or needing repair or replacement. I will be concentrating on things that are in danger of degrading if...
  2. Pards

    New member with type RA

    Hi all, So I had a lockdown moment and bought a race car off eBay! Thought I got a great deal, but seems like more of good deal with repair costs! What’s the going rate for head gasket replacement on 95 Impreza type ra? The timing belt had to be done as it was sitting for so long, but because...
  3. M

    Clutch install

    Hey guys. New scooby owner here. I havent done much work on cars in the past at all but im determined to not take my car to a garage and start learning how to work on it myself. the clutch has started slipping quite badly recently, its Drive-able but slips when you put your foot down running...
  4. Ric McLaughlin

    2000 Killarney Rally of the Lakes

    Apologies if anyone has already posted this but another RPM classic from BITD... The crowds at the gap are amazing! I think this period of Irish rallying, seeing the World cars start to appear, is fascinating. Mark Fisher in a Group N Type RA too...
  5. Ric McLaughlin

    Rallytech lamp pod and PIAA lamps

    This is a reluctant sale as I love the look of my Rallytech lamp pod which came on the car when I purchased it but I'd rather have the cash to 'invest' in a few other things that it needs. For sale is the following which I have receipts for: Rallytech Subaru WRC 97-99 4-lamp pod 2 x PIAA 80...
  6. Max Lang

    MY95 Impreza WRX STi Type-RA (GC8C47D) PRICES?

    So i have a 1995 type-ra in pristine condition, im looking to sell it and i didnt find any other examples for sale. The car has never been tuned or modified in any way and the engine was rebuilt by a professional 2000km ago with oem parts, it is driven only 100 000km (60 000mi). So what im...
  7. Ric McLaughlin

    My 2000 V6 Type RA

    Welcome to my project thread based around my 2000 V6 Type RA. I veered off the path of trying to turn a road car into a rally car before it got too late and instead am going to try a bit of backwards engineering to make a rally car into a hard-edged road and track car.
  8. L555BAE

    Hello from Scotland! V2 555

    Hello, I’ve just recently bought a V2 Type RA 555. I was wondering if there was any way to find out what build number it is since the badge has been removed as it’s now a motorsport car? Mac
  9. Ra2200

    MOD DELETE? Ra for breaking on FB

    Just spotted it there, might be an ok shell for someone for a build..?
  10. Ric McLaughlin

    WANTED: Type RA Vers.2 V-Limited

    Hello all, I've been searching for a Type RA V2 V-Ltd for a year or so now. The nightly Google searches aren't turning anything up so I thought that I'd turn to the pro's! If anyone has any leads on one that may be coming up for sale it'd be a massive help. I'm a cash buyer after a straight...
  11. B

    Wanted! V2 ra sti spoiler, front bumper, lights

    Is anyone breaking a v2 sti ra, I'm looking for original Subaru parts only. And paint code 53c is preferred but not necessary, I'm in need of: Front bumper (would like to come with indicators and for covers) Spoiler Front headlights (must be in very good condition) Front grill (must be in...
  12. R

    Viscous Coupling/DCCD Help & Advice Wanted

    Hello All, I recently acquired a MY00 WRX Type RA STI Ver. 6 Limited. I took it into the garage after I noticed chugging while taking slow U turns as well as popping while reversing/taking corners. Taking it in may have been an overreaction as I've been reading that this is somewhat normal with...
  13. MHickling

    1996 Impreza WRX STI Type RA 400/400 33k Miles White

    I am offering my RA for sale, fed up of time wasters promising to come and see the car, offering ridiculous money etc. I have seriously reduced the car to sell. No offers at this price, you won't find another like this. Basic Spec: Factory DCCD car Non A/C Roof Vent Cloth/Alcantra STI Seats -...
  14. S

    Type RA y2000 Price???

    Hi guys I have a type RA no 380 X reg I did a large service on the car over £500 on parts but the brand new thermostat failed and jamed in the shut persition I haven't had it properly checked but I would assume the engine has ceased!! So would need new engine/rebuild the rest of the car is in...
  15. FSR

    AutoSport Show - January 2016 - Photographs

    Thought I'd pop the pictures up of today's show into a separate thread for you all :thumb The NEC is always such a pain to easily get nice photographs, the combination of the ultra bright carpet and lighting always makes things difficult...! Either way, still hopefully gives a good idea of the...