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  1. N

    Wanted Subaru Type R 97-99 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project

    Wanted Subaru Type R 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project Must Have WRC / 22b Wide Body Road Going or Part Built Project Let Me Know What You Have Cash Waiting For Right Car
  2. wrxdoug

    1998 WRX STi Type R

    Car now away :thumb
  3. D


    Hi all just joined, but many years ago had a few Imprezas including a wrx ra, wrx wagon, sti v 2, and v4 type r. Now looking to go old skool again and buy a type r again, either in uk or direct from Japan. In two minds whether to buy and keep standard or fit a 22B kit (fabricated metal sides) to...
  4. Ric McLaughlin

    GC8 front LH wheel arch liner

    This is a bit of a punt but if anyone has one of these knocking about that they don't need could they drop me a DM please? It's the LH upper I'm after but would take upper and lower if you wanted to part with them as a set. Predictably, there are millions of RH ones online but all the LH ones...
  5. Subaroo_al

    Wanted: Subaru Type R

    Hi everyone, long time stalker, new member here. Looking for a Type R in decent condition (preferably no rust, minimal abuse) with less than 150,000kms. Fewer mods is probably a good thing, doesn't need to be a limited model, though it'd be awesome if it was. V5/V6 is also preferable, but I...
  6. Ric McLaughlin

    Impreza Type R V5 Limited

    My attempt at a track-honed, perfect-ish GC8 accomplished via limited funds and even less mechanical knowledge. Here it is then, the build thread I promised myself I'd start the day after I got the car home, five months ago... My car is a 1999 Type R V5 Limited and it's the result of two and...
  7. Ric McLaughlin

    Fitting a decat downpipe help, please

    Hi guys, Seeing as how 'tis the season to spend time with loved ones and family, I had hoped that I could spend this weekend fitting my new decat downpipe to my '99 Type R. However, I can't seem to get any of the bolts connecting the existing cat downpipe to the back of the turbo loose. Has...
  8. Race Altered

    2 door shell for wrc rep

    thought I would ask the question ahead of my plans, So I want to build a wrc2000 rep as below,So will need a shell would like a rolling shell but I know the 2 doors are getting thin on the ground, I won't be starting to really put money behind the project for a few months yet be but wanted...
  9. H kirby

    Impreza Type-R 'V-Limited' STI 1999

    Hi, unfortunately i have to list for sale my rare recently imported impreza type R. the car has a low mileage of 66,000 miles and looks in very good condition. it is a genuine type r 'limited' and the underside looks brand new with not a spec of rust or dirt on it. mechanically it is again as...
  10. TrevS

    E-type to Type R - new member from Warwickshire

    Hi all I thought I'd say hello as I joined the forum a couple of days ago as I am in the market for a Subaru Impreza type R version 5. As the title of this threads suggests I am currently a Jaguar E-type owner which is my garage queen but am looking for something a bit different and more usable...
  11. type-ra

    UK barn find!

    Interesting reading, if not too accurate: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C764618
  12. type-ra

    Nice work if you can get it........

    Today I met up with Tom @tomski999 to get a few pics of his latest arrival along with a couple of others. Hope you like:thumb First ones outside his house with the S204 & Type R. Then a copule of "arty" shots of @53R Forester with some rather nice wheels - pretty sure they're not standard...
  13. bustamoves

    My V5 R project

    Some of you may know me and thought I'd share my project with you guys (some maybe upto speed already). So here goes I'm not right good at these project threads so please bear with me. It's from the start where I wanted to build engine and mods etc into my first classic I wanted to do a cheap...
  14. type-ra

    My pics from Autosport 2016

    The first batch of pics from our stand at Autosport 2016:
  15. FSR

    AutoSport Show - January 2016 - Photographs

    Thought I'd pop the pictures up of today's show into a separate thread for you all :thumb The NEC is always such a pain to easily get nice photographs, the combination of the ultra bright carpet and lighting always makes things difficult...! Either way, still hopefully gives a good idea of the...
  16. Essbon

    Essbon's Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5

    Subaru Impreza WRX Type R STI Version 5 Model code GC8F2DD Little history of my car… My weekend toy is a Subaru Impreza WRX Typer R STI Version 5 This car has only had one other owner from new who imported this fresh from the factory from land of the rising sun back in 1999. When I picked...