tommy kaira

  1. J

    Wanted (Tommy Kaira, S201, Casa Blanca)

    Hi I currently own a 96 Grave Express which Im sure you know is quite rare itself! I am looking for something equally rare to pair it with so my top choices are... Impreza Tommy Kaira(saloon or wagon) Impreza S201 Impreza Casa Blanca I know I could import these but have seen the odd one come...
  2. type-ra

    Impreza STi Tommy Kaira M20b 2.2L

    @seo-musketeer & I were invited by @tomski999 to view & drive his Tommy Kiara M20b bugeye Impreza today. The car drove really well & was very impressive. Very quick with the 2.2 liter engine & around 350bhp on tap. Maybe even enough to tempt Chris into Impreza ownership:eek: Some pics of...