subaru s202

  1. type-ra

    Subaru S202

    I collected this last week but not had a chance to get any pics until today. As I collected her last week:
  2. Wak

    My S202

    Hi thought it was time i posted some pics of my car, i had it imported last year from japan it's very original just what i was looking for, it has all the correct bits and pieces the 202 is known for, on it's auction report it scored 4.5 exterior and A interior it still has the plastic on the...
  3. 53R

    My New STi RA Spec C S202 :D

    ^ Or some assimilation of those letters :D Sourced this from Japan auctions earlier in the year and on the world tour it's just passing Cyprus :D I should be here by late September :D No.394/400 60k miles :) It has some nice mods above and beyond the superb S202 STi spec parts :) Although I...