1. EMorrison97

    MY94 JDM WRX "Group A Roadcar" Build/Restoration

    Hello Guys, Welcome to my new thread following my build/restoration project of my 1994 JDM WRX. Originally bought the car during the first lock-down in Ireland. Upon getting it home the clean up and tidying began. I fell in love with this specific car and after driving it over the summer decided...
  2. N

    Newbie with a Type-RA v2

    Hello, Y’all, I’m Michael a long-time rally/homologation car fan based in Tulsa. I will be taking delivery of my Subaru Impreza WRX STI ver 2 soon in white. The car is going to get restored and driven hard! I have lots of plans, first, fix the paint, remove the yellow fogs, skirts and do all the...
  3. Evolvedgsr

    OEM GC8 sti goodies

    Hi guys have a few really nice bits for for grabs for someone doing a resto or putting things back to standard. Postage is available on all items at buyers cost Or pickup West Lancashire can be arranged. Item 1: STI KNOB ### SOLD ### Subaru GC8/GF8 STI red stitch gear knob in excellent...
  4. Ilyas Akhtar


  5. Ilyas Akhtar


    Hi this is my subaru sti version 5
  6. V-Lim Jim

    The Blue Turd Story - #248/555 V3 STi Wagon

    Episode 1 Authenticity is important to me. To not call my seemingly tidy V-Limited Wagon ‘the blue turd’ would seem disingenuous, as that is what my family, friends, and now you lovely internet folk, fondly call him. To explain why this is the case, we have to go back to the very beginning of...
  7. wrxdoug

    1998 WRX STi Type R

    Car now away :thumb
  8. I have an itchy STI

    MY99 V5 STI

    As a lot of you know I’m restoring my JDM V5 STI here are some pics I’ve been sent from the body shop
  9. joshmerritt


    Hey guys, I brought my 2010 Impreza WRX STI a couple of months ago and just starting to get into the forum scene. I live in Wellington, New Zealand which has a healthy Subaru life! Unsure what kind of spec my car is as it has a tiptronic transmission, but has the Spec-C big Brembo's as well. If...
  10. Itamar_M

    Hello from Israel

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and already enjoying all the content. I have all sorts of plans for the GC so will definitely start a build/project thread once I start. It is a MY00 GT (I believe that is the equivalent to your UK Turbo model) that currently has: Built 2.1 CDB Ported heads with...
  11. O

    04 JDM Wrx STI - things to check

    Hi Everyone. Thanks in advance for the help. I am going to look at a JDM 04plate STI tomorrow. It was imported two years ago through a family member so didn't come the auction route. I know I need to check corrosion etc and the normal knocks and noises. Anything else I need to check...
  12. C

    MAHLE piston and ring set

    Hello everyone! I have MAHLE Motorsport piston and ring set WRX209917I10 for sale. SPECIFICATIONS: Bore (in): 3.917 in. Bore (mm): 99.500mm Piston Style: Dish, with four valve reliefs Piston Material: Forged aluminum Compression Height (in): 1.209 in. Piston Head Volume (cc): +10.00cc Wrist...
  13. type-ra

    MY94 STi anyone - only $35,000

  14. Ra2200

    V1/V2 Sti wheels wanted

    In straight condition, with or without tires. 07491106386.
  15. V-Lim Jim

    Suspension Options for '97 STi Wagon

    Hi All, With my car going in to have alloy front LCAs fitted I have been considering also having the suspension renewed. I am a subscriber to "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and whilst there is nothing obviously wrong with the way the car rides there is a bit of an oddity. Quite often when...
  16. Ra2200

    V2 Sti Ra mappable ecu options

    I bought a V2 Ra in Japan, and I'm currently making plans on some parts and modifications for when I start using it next spring. The first and main job is to get it mapped for 95ron fuel. What are my ecu options for this? I'm thinking of an ESL board, but a friend of mine is telling me to go for...
  17. Race Altered

    Race Altered MY00 STI RA Ltd no.1456/2000

    Well it's time, put the car on stands last night for a good inspection and realised its a full on underbody restoration I'm now undertaken,this is not going to be a quick and easy restoration, I will be doing the best I can with time and funds allowing (and the misses) but will update with...
  18. type-ra

    Happy 30th Birthday STi

    30 years old on 2nd April. A little bit early for the party but there's every chance I'll forget otherwise:(
  19. jps.

    RA-R suspension & front spot lights WANTED

    Hi guys, looking for a full set of the pink STi units / springs for a Spec C Type RA-R. also, a pair of front lower spot lights - currently I have the plain curved covers. New preferred or good used. thanks.
  20. H kirby

    Impreza Type-R 'V-Limited' STI 1999

    Hi, unfortunately i have to list for sale my rare recently imported impreza type R. the car has a low mileage of 66,000 miles and looks in very good condition. it is a genuine type r 'limited' and the underside looks brand new with not a spec of rust or dirt on it. mechanically it is again as...

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