spec c

  1. type-ra

    MY10 Spec C

    Thanks to @hugh @benji and @RAF1 I now have a GRB Spec C Pic of her in the showroom Now in her new home
  2. K

    Blobeye Spec-C options

    Hey, Been looking through the forums and other places to find information about the MY03-MY05 spec c. As far as I can work out, there were 3 model cycles for this generation: GDBC4FH: 2002-2003/MY03 - First blobeye shape spec c - 16", 17" and spec-c limited GDBD4FH: 2003/MY04 - Not too sure...
  3. PazzaAE86

    Is this registration familiar to anyone? (Spec C)

    Just wondering if this car is known to anyone? Many thanks :)
  4. Chaycore

    Widetrack Blobeye STI Spec C 16in

    After the arduous wait for the ship to arrive from Japan, my car purchased through JDMAuctionWatch finally arrived a couple weeks ago. I've only driven it down the road and back to check it was all ok before MOT, but I'm elated with the condition of it. The previous owner looks to have taken...
  5. Chaycore

    On the boat from Japan: Spec C Widetrack 16"

    After a lot of waiting (and an impulse buy of a forum members extremely well setup GC8 inbetween, the right car came up at the auctions, bid on it and won! Should leave port in a few days, then arrive late Jan. Spec C Widetrack 16in wheel model. 108km on the clock, grade 4. Different exhaust...
  6. L

    Looking for 03-05 spec c registered sheel

    Looking for subaru impreza spec c 03-05 shell
  7. joshmerritt


    Hey guys, I brought my 2010 Impreza WRX STI a couple of months ago and just starting to get into the forum scene. I live in Wellington, New Zealand which has a healthy Subaru life! Unsure what kind of spec my car is as it has a tiptronic transmission, but has the Spec-C big Brembo's as well. If...
  8. Ing

    Spec C ECU reflash

    I have stock Spec C WR Ltd 04 blobeye with stock ROM. I want to reflash ECU with Spec C Type-Ra 05 hawkeye stock ROM. (with EcuFlash) ECU ID and Internal ID are different: (ECU ID: 3D044A4005, Internal ID: A4TJ111C) blobeye (ECU ID: 43045A4005, Internal ID: A4TJ121C) hawkeye Will I brick my...
  9. Michael Seeds

    Spec C Oil Cooler - Engine or Transmission?

    Question. Is the oil cooler equipped to the front frame for engine oil or transmission oil? I have read a lot of conflicting information on this. Let us try not to add to the misinformation. Only comment if you know for certain.
  10. Michael Seeds

    Rear Anti Roll Bar

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade the rear roll bar on my 2003 spec c. It came with 20mm from the factory. What is the stiffest factory subaru roll bar that will fit? The STI pink is 21mm The rb320 is 21mm with two adjustment settings. Which is the better of the two? And is it worth it the bother...
  11. jps.

    RA-R suspension & front spot lights WANTED

    Hi guys, looking for a full set of the pink STi units / springs for a Spec C Type RA-R. also, a pair of front lower spot lights - currently I have the plain curved covers. New preferred or good used. thanks.
  12. SEOmusketeer

    MY03 Spec C - Limited

    Massive Thanks to @type-ra for his chauffeur services today. We got the train up to Newcastle to collect my Freshly imported Spec C Ltd. Pics will follow. With Dean's help, we have been hunting for the right one, original, right mileage km to miles and as clean as can be, we found it...
  13. Lee skinner

    Hello........... again

    I've been a member for a few years now but not an active participant although I did buy my original wrx ra off the forum. I've just brought an 02 bugeye sti spec ra 16" model and was hoping to ask a few questions. Are there many of these cars about in the uk? Was there a certain number built? Is...
  14. jack22

    New engine

    Hi everyone i'm looking for a new engine for my sti spec c 2006, where can i find it? Best regards from italy
  15. C

    Spec C buying advice

    Afternoon, I've been looking for a Spec C for the last couple of weeks and at one in particular at SVA Imports. Unfortunately it's a 500 mile round trip to go and have a look at it. During my searching, I've turned up a few unsavoury threads about SVA, which has put me off committing to a huge...
  16. jack22

    Spec c from italy

    Hi everyone i'm from italy, and I was looking for a impreza sti spec and finally I found that, a beautiful blue spec c my 2006 lhd converted with original subaru pieces, I have some answers about this car. Do all the 2006 spec c come with conditioned air? And since the one I found doesn't have...