1. type-ra

    S203 owner's DVD anyone...

    Currently on the Japanese auctions at a mere 120,000JPY (£862.14):eek: "Purchased a limited car S203 to around 2005, it is what I received from the people in charge of sales at the time of delivery of cars" Link here if anyone wants to bid!! https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o196968271
  2. type-ra

    Nice work if you can get it........

    Today I met up with Tom @tomski999 to get a few pics of his latest arrival along with a couple of others. Hope you like:thumb First ones outside his house with the S204 & Type R. Then a copule of "arty" shots of @53R Forester with some rather nice wheels - pretty sure they're not standard...
  3. type-ra

    Interesting S203!

    Starting bid of 580,000JPY with 92,000 Kms on a grade R. With some er, tasteful modifications:(
  4. type-ra

    My pics from Autosport 2016

    The first batch of pics from our stand at Autosport 2016:
  5. FSR

    AutoSport Show - January 2016 - Photographs

    Thought I'd pop the pictures up of today's show into a separate thread for you all :thumb The NEC is always such a pain to easily get nice photographs, the combination of the ultra bright carpet and lighting always makes things difficult...! Either way, still hopefully gives a good idea of the...