1. type-ra

    Cheap S202

    You'll need a proxy service to view as the Yahoo auctions don't allow UK/EU IPs any longer. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r1079544732 Basic car information Manufacturer: Subaru Car name: Impreza Grade: STI S202 Displacement: 2,000 cc Year: June 2002 Imported car...
  2. MSGC8nz

    Momo Quick Release Steering Wheel

    Excellent condition Momo quick release steering wheel kit, came off Subaru S202, only been used once. $400 New Zealand Dollars. Can ship, if interested contact me and I will find out how much shipping will be according to your location. More S202 parts will be coming up in near future =)
  3. type-ra

    White S202

    One for @PeteRA 73,700Kms £18,669 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o360783973
  4. type-ra


    One for @PeteRA http://auc.braveautointernational.jp/aj-hJhaxoR9O72cdq.htm
  5. W

    WTB S202 Impreza

    Looking to purchase an S202, am a serious buyer with funds in place. Anyone looking to sell drop me a PM. Rich
  6. type-ra

    Subaru S202

    I collected this last week but not had a chance to get any pics until today. As I collected her last week:
  7. Import Car Parts

    Impreza WRX STi S202 379 of 400 9900KM

    Subaru Impreza S202 Number 379 of 400 ever produced Completely original even down to original tires !!! the car has only covered 9900KM since new Has optional Extra Upper Strut Braces fitted From factory Full spec can be found here in Japanese https://www.sti.jp/s202/top.html I will let...
  8. type-ra

    Yellow S202

    On the Yahoo auctions an S202 in yellow. Buy now of £11,300 plus 8% tax. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u172999345
  9. Toshee

    Where my bov at?

    Hi Are there other locations for bov's to be fitted? As you can see it is not located where they are typically found...
  10. type-ra

    Old & new(ish)

    I found this pic whilst helping Ross with his magazine article. S202 & 1300G (I think):
  11. type-ra

    Nice work if you can get it........

    Today I met up with Tom @tomski999 to get a few pics of his latest arrival along with a couple of others. Hope you like:thumb First ones outside his house with the S204 & Type R. Then a copule of "arty" shots of @53R Forester with some rather nice wheels - pretty sure they're not standard...
  12. Wak

    My S202

    Hi thought it was time i posted some pics of my car, i had it imported last year from japan it's very original just what i was looking for, it has all the correct bits and pieces the 202 is known for, on it's auction report it scored 4.5 exterior and A interior it still has the plastic on the...
  13. tomski999

    Once in a lifetime S202

    S202 9,740kms Grade 5 :).......
  14. tomski999

    For sale. 2002 Impreza S202 in our stock in Japan

    Hi all, http://www.braveautointernational.jp/ Mark my partner in Japan has a 2002 Impreza S202 in stock. 99,700 kms It is a grade RA car (light accident repaired) Had drivers side doors repaired and the rear bumper needs refitting (see pics) It is in general nice tidy example. Standard S202...
  15. 53R

    My New STi RA Spec C S202 :D

    ^ Or some assimilation of those letters :D Sourced this from Japan auctions earlier in the year and on the world tour it's just passing Cyprus :D I should be here by late September :D No.394/400 60k miles :) It has some nice mods above and beyond the superb S202 STi spec parts :) Although I...