1. 53R


    45k landed starting price :cool:
  2. J

    Wanted (Tommy Kaira, S201, Casa Blanca)

    Hi I currently own a 96 Grave Express which Im sure you know is quite rare itself! I am looking for something equally rare to pair it with so my top choices are... Impreza Tommy Kaira(saloon or wagon) Impreza S201 Impreza Casa Blanca I know I could import these but have seen the odd one come...
  3. type-ra

    S series cars

    I've started to add the info for the S series cars to the timelines. S201 is the first. You can see the info here: http://www.type-ra.com/impreza-s201-sti-version/ It's had a bit of an update to be more mobile friendly. All feedback welcome as usual:thumb
  4. type-ra


    A few, errr, improvements from standard but yours for only £8,066 pluts shipping/VAT etc Shows the rear spoiler for you @JulioTypeR https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m213944166

    GC8 details cannot be found with VIN code

    Hey professionals, I have purchased a Subaru Impreza MY00 and I cannot find anything using VIN-number. It is JF1GC8LD3YGxxxxxx. I've tried several VIN-code search engines without success...service book saus 2.0 GT Sedan, tha's all. Anyway there is "new" engine EJ207 & STi V6 S201 DCCD gearbox...
  6. E11BYS

    MY00 STI RA S201 & 22B

  7. Winchester

    Low Km's S201...

  8. type-ra

    S201 grade 4 B

    Starting bid of 480,000JPY 96,000 KMs & looks like an unmolested example
  9. tomski999

    Another S201

    This one is a grade 4 72,000kms USS Tokyo 25154 11/06/2015
  10. tomski999


    S201, 197,000 kms grade 3. For sale 05/06/15 USS Nagoya