1. Ric McLaughlin

    Speedline Corse ST2's 17x7

    I bought these wheels a year ago after they'd been fully refurbed by the previous owner. They've seen very limited miles since then. There's a tiny chip out of the paint on one of the legs but that's pretty much it in terms of wear. I added the Prodrive and Speedline decals and lacquered over...
  2. Ric McLaughlin

    Catalunya 1995

    Apologies if this may have been posted already. A mate sent me it last night and I really enjoyed it. Hard to beat Tarmac trim!
  3. Ric McLaughlin

    Subaru's at BGM on Dirtfish

    Some history sitting around in here... Dirtfish can be hit and miss but more stuff like this would be welcome. Never knew that Prodrive were involved with the Skoda!
  4. Chaycore

    On the boat from Japan: Spec C Widetrack 16"

    After a lot of waiting (and an impulse buy of a forum members extremely well setup GC8 inbetween, the right car came up at the auctions, bid on it and won! Should leave port in a few days, then arrive late Jan. Spec C Widetrack 16in wheel model. 108km on the clock, grade 4. Different exhaust...
  5. Ric McLaughlin

    S201 mirrors for sale

    For sale I have a pair of genuine S201 mirrors in as new condition. They came on my car so have obviously been mounted but have zero cracks or chips. Both mirrors are hand-adjusted and still have as-new resistance. £400 for the pair and I'll cover the postage, first class recorded to be safe.
  6. Ric McLaughlin

    WANTED: WRC mirrors

    Hi all, if anyone knows of anyone selling a set of the WRC 'bat ear' carbon fibre mirrors please send them my way. I have a set of the S201 teardrop mirrors but am after the full carbon set. There is a set of 'safari' style ones with lights in them on eBay for £4k just now but that feels like a...
  7. Ric McLaughlin

    My 2000 V6 Type RA

    Welcome to my project thread based around my 2000 V6 Type RA. I veered off the path of trying to turn a road car into a rally car before it got too late and instead am going to try a bit of backwards engineering to make a rally car into a hard-edged road and track car.

    Buildings being crashed into during rally stages

    Found this gem of a video. Feel bad for some of these homeowners...
  9. tekkerchrede

    Two 5 speed (TY754) gearboxes for sale

    Up for sale is two five speed gear boxes. One should be a GpN+ spec box built by Ramsport, Wales in 2001. Note, that I prefer to call it GpN+ rather than the GpA, it should be (non-dog box). The other would be standard WRX/2000 GT. Both were used on my father's rally car, but stored since 2008...
  10. BananaChips

    Want that proper gravel look?

    If I still had the 555 I'd wouldn't be telling you guys about these. Look rough but don't see them often. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/permalink/1671396943157883/?rt=11 (I have no affiliation with this sale whatsoever, but would rather see them on a suitable Subaru)