1. Chaycore

    On the boat from Japan: Spec C Widetrack 16"

    After a lot of waiting (and an impulse buy of a forum members extremely well setup GC8 inbetween, the right car came up at the auctions, bid on it and won! Should leave port in a few days, then arrive late Jan. Spec C Widetrack 16in wheel model. 108km on the clock, grade 4. Different exhaust...
  2. Ric McLaughlin

    S201 mirrors for sale

    For sale I have a pair of genuine S201 mirrors in as new condition. They came on my car so have obviously been mounted but have zero cracks or chips. Both mirrors are hand-adjusted and still have as-new resistance. £400 for the pair and I'll cover the postage, first class recorded to be safe.
  3. Ric McLaughlin

    WANTED: WRC mirrors

    Hi all, if anyone knows of anyone selling a set of the WRC 'bat ear' carbon fibre mirrors please send them my way. I have a set of the S201 teardrop mirrors but am after the full carbon set. There is a set of 'safari' style ones with lights in them on eBay for £4k just now but that feels like a...
  4. Ric McLaughlin

    My 2000 V6 Type RA

    Welcome to my project thread based around my 2000 V6 Type RA. I veered off the path of trying to turn a road car into a rally car before it got too late and instead am going to try a bit of backwards engineering to make a rally car into a hard-edged road and track car.

    Buildings being crashed into during rally stages

    Found this gem of a video. Feel bad for some of these homeowners...
  6. tekkerchrede

    Two 5 speed (TY754) gearboxes for sale

    Up for sale is two five speed gear boxes. One should be a GpN+ spec box built by Ramsport, Wales in 2001. Note, that I prefer to call it GpN+ rather than the GpA, it should be (non-dog box). The other would be standard WRX/2000 GT. Both were used on my father's rally car, but stored since 2008...
  7. BananaChips

    Want that proper gravel look?

    If I still had the 555 I'd wouldn't be telling you guys about these. Look rough but don't see them often. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/permalink/1671396943157883/?rt=11 (I have no affiliation with this sale whatsoever, but would rather see them on a suitable Subaru)