1. Alessandro Campagnolo

    5mt Dccd

  2. tekkerchrede

    Impreza RA STi Ltd. vers. 5 #0371/1000 for sale

    I am offering my Impreza STi RA Limited version 5 up for sale. The car was bought in 2014 and whilst being a very active forum member in the years around that time, I have not participated much on the forum for the last two-three years. As with many others before me, time has moved me on and...
  3. N

    Trim and Bumper Part Numbers

    So I'm exploring the car more and noticed what needs to be restored or what was barely attached to the car. All the plastic molding, door handles, and front, and back bumpers need attention or replacement. I have tracked down a lot of bits but I'm struggling to find the PN# on all the body trim...
  4. N

    What GC8 bolt in cage do you run in your sedan?

    I've been wanting to source a bolt-in cage. What GC8 bolt-in cage are you do you run in your sedan? I would love to see your setups to figure out what bolt-in cage I want.
  5. N

    Which trans for DCCD

    Newbie here, I'm trying to source the OEM transmission for my 95 STI RA V2 w/DCCD though I've heard the OEM ones were very weak. Currently, the car has some liberty spec b/c transmission IDK which right now as it's in the shop. Since it's non-DCCD the light flashes constantly. What transmission...
  6. Ra2200

    V2 Red Ra on Facebook

    Needs tidying, 2k sterling, in Cumbria. Type in 'Impreza parts' into Facebook and the page/breaker that it's on will come up
  7. Ra2200

    Wanted, Version 2 Sti Ra V-Limited

    I'm looking for a V Limited version 2, what's out there? I may trade for my own version 2 Sti Ra, but would prefer to buy outright. Please pm me with what you have, thanks.

    WANTED parts

    hi all I have been lucky enough to buy my first Subaru RA and im looking for a few parts to tidy it up any help finding these parts to buy would be very much appreciated if any body has these parts please contact me thank you jon
  9. A

    GC8 R180 Rear Axles?

    Here's the setup. 1994 USDM GC that was being built as a RA replica. The owner before me did not want to have the weaker 5 speed, so he put in a USDM 2005 STi 6 speed with corresponding 3.90 R180 rear diff. Rear subframe, control arms and knuckles are all GC. I'm assuming R180 hubs swapped in...
  10. Ra2200

    RA genuine radio hole blanking plate

    Does anyone have a link to where I can buy a genuine one?
  11. Ra2200

    MOD DELETE? Ra for breaking on FB

    Just spotted it there, might be an ok shell for someone for a build..?
  12. Ra2200

    V2 Sti Ra mappable ecu options

    I bought a V2 Ra in Japan, and I'm currently making plans on some parts and modifications for when I start using it next spring. The first and main job is to get it mapped for 95ron fuel. What are my ecu options for this? I'm thinking of an ESL board, but a friend of mine is telling me to go for...
  13. tekkerchrede

    Wanted: History and/or previous owners of STi RA Ltd vers. 5

    Good evening gents, Can anybody help me with some history on my car? I bought it some three years ago. Before that, the car was listed on eBay. The car was on its original S reg plate, i.e 1999, when I bought it. I have a little info on some owners, will not publish it here in public, but can...

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