1. E

    RA-R suspension advice

    hello. am lucky enough to get an RA-R recently, as expected it's pretty sensational but after a while, the super bouncy suspension is really tiring on longer journeys. i prefer my cars kept stock so have never dabbled in aftermarket mods, so out of my depth here but is there an easy fix? presume...
  2. type-ra

    RA-R vs 22b

    This is a translation from a Japanese website I found today. A great read, even with iffy translation. Enjoy! WRX STI type RA-R, lightweight & high power complete car released on July 19, 2018 by Subaru's subsidiary "STI", which manufactures and sells complete cars and parts including motor...
  3. type-ra

    RA-R concept

    I'm not sure how legit this is because there doesn't seem to be any mention on the Subaru Japan website , but here's a peek at the all new RA-R concept car...
  4. type-ra

    Grade 4.5 RA-R

    Looks like a nice on going through soon. 38,000km. Grade 4.5 with a grade B interior. Starting bid on 1,450,000JPY (£9,700)
  5. type-ra

    Looks like RA-R week!

    2 gone through the auctions today. Wonder if they will turn up over here?
  6. jps.

    WRX STi A-Line front spot lights WANTED

    Looking for a pair of front spot lights from a STi A Line to fit a 2006 RA-R. New or used. as shown in image below. thanks
  7. jps.

    RA-R suspension & front spot lights WANTED

    Hi guys, looking for a full set of the pink STi units / springs for a Spec C Type RA-R. also, a pair of front lower spot lights - currently I have the plain curved covers. New preferred or good used. thanks.
  8. type-ra

    Spec C RA-R 72,332kms

    Starting bid of 1.5million JPY http://auc.braveautointernational.jp/aj-lHpTolmXO8oERGS.htm
  9. Steve777

    Spec C RA-R Grade R on it's way to the UK

    I think I saw pictures of this car on Scoobynet a couple of months ago, but I believe it is on it's way to the UK. Saw a post about it on Facebook as well Be interesting to see who advertises it and the price It made £9200 in the Auctions
  10. Steve777

    WRX STI Spec C Type RA-R (2007)

    Very tempting :thumb http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/subaru/impreza-sti/wrx-sti-spec-c-type-ra-r/3780148 Thoughts ?
  11. Suberman

    STI R Concept

    Impreza STI R Concept at Motorsport Japan 2006 event 320 bhp 6 pot Brembo front brakes 18" x 8.5"JJ Enkei wheels 235/40R18 Bridgestone RE070 tyres 110mm diameter muffler Exclusive springs and dampers Essentially an STI RA-R prototype :bow