1. JLow555

    V2 Type RA STi steering rack

    Beginning to think my steering rack isn't right and is done! Car is a V2 Type RA STi, what is the easiest way to tell if its a 15:1 or a 13:1 as they were the options correct? Was a 15:1 a standard WRX too? Any help appreciated.
  2. Chris__p

    Quick Rack v3 sti type ra

    It was just a quick question, should they come with one? If it is then what's lock to lock to check? Cheers Chris
  3. M

    Impreza sti quick rack

    Hi..... Im looking for a sti quick rack 13.1.i know its a long shot but worth a try.thanks
  4. DoZZa

    Need a new rack!

    So was doing a little work on the car yesterday and noted that one of the steering rack boots is split, and there is red ATF fluid leaking. So it seems the seals have gone in the rack itself. I would like a quick rack, but I know these are hard to come by! However, a little reading has lead...
  5. V

    quick rack for gc8

    Hi, As the title states, looking for a quick rack (13:1 ratio) for a classic. Cheers.
  6. Codders

    MY99 Type-R - the ongoing project

    Hey Lads After 6 years of Subaru (painful at times) ownership, and my 4 years of lurking around here, I thought it was about time to end procrastinating and start my own thread... Owning a 2 door classic Impreza has always been my dream since I was a teenage boy actively involved in rallying...
  7. Tony Harrington

    Quick steering rack

    Anyone possess a spare quick steering rack in very good condition, I'm looking to upgrade mine - V4 Type R?
  8. theboywhippo

    Quick steering sticker...

    Hey guys, Really quick question for those with factory fitted quick racks... Is the quick steering sticker fitted to the inside or the outside of the glass?! Help me please before I cock it up! :giggle: Cheers, Paul.
  9. banhama

    spec-c steering rack

    Is the steering rack on a 2003 spec-c the same as STi models of that period? I remember the car having one of those 'quick-steering STi' stickers on the rear screen. Ta, Andy
  10. 1

    Quickrack steering

    How many turns from centre does a quick steer do? Cheers.