1. tekkerchrede

    Devaluation of parts prices or?

    As just posted on the forum's Facebook site by another member, it appears that RCM, Prodrive and Alcon releases a replica or new batch of the Alcon Prodrive four pot caliper. Price is not known yet, but I started wondering what this will (or has the possibility to) do to the prices for the...

    P-WRC 17 Centre Caps wanted

    Hi there, I have a set of 17" P-WRC wheels on my sti and the centre caps which are chrome have been chipping away and generally look horrible. Does anyone know where I can get some or if you guys know the part number at all? Here is a picture I found online of a close up of the caps like mine...
  3. type-ra

    Group A event @ Prodrive in November

    2016 marks 20 years since the end of the iconic Group A era. To celebrate this milestone and the effect on us all as Impreza owners and enthusiasts, Ade @ASJ came up with the idea of a Group A celebration event at the home of Subaru Group A cars, Prodrive. The event takes place at Prodrive's...
  4. type-ra

    Individual cars on timeline

    Found these on a memory card: MY93 WRX Type RA MY94 WRX Type RA MY95 WRX Type RA MY96 STi Type RA V-Limited Series McRae MY97 STi Type RA MY97 STi MY98 STi Type R 22B MY99 WRX Type RA Limited RB5 MY00 STi Type RA Limited Impreza P1 UK300 MY02 Bugeye MY03...
  5. ASJ

    20th Anniversary badges fitted to your Impreza - pictures please!

    I'll start the ball rolling with Dean's 000/300 - fitted just before we left late yesterday afternoon :D Rgds, Ade