1. nickolasjenkins

    Prodrive 555 jacket value?

    Hi all, Genuine question here - what is a Prodrive 555 jacket worth? Really lovely condition, no rips/holes/marks Size L/XL (depending on market) Thanks!
  2. andriesbanken

    Looking for single speedline ST2 17x7 ET52 rim

    Hi all, As title says. I have 3 rare speedline prodrive rims laying around. Looking to make a set. Doesnt have to be in great state. As long as its not bend or cracked. Price is of course negotiable. Thanks!
  3. tekkerchrede

    Devaluation of parts prices or?

    As just posted on the forum's Facebook site by another member, it appears that RCM, Prodrive and Alcon releases a replica or new batch of the Alcon Prodrive four pot caliper. Price is not known yet, but I started wondering what this will (or has the possibility to) do to the prices for the...

    P-WRC 17 Centre Caps wanted

    Hi there, I have a set of 17" P-WRC wheels on my sti and the centre caps which are chrome have been chipping away and generally look horrible. Does anyone know where I can get some or if you guys know the part number at all? Here is a picture I found online of a close up of the caps like mine...
  5. type-ra

    Group A event @ Prodrive in November

    2016 marks 20 years since the end of the iconic Group A era. To celebrate this milestone and the effect on us all as Impreza owners and enthusiasts, Ade @ASJ came up with the idea of a Group A celebration event at the home of Subaru Group A cars, Prodrive. The event takes place at Prodrive's...
  6. type-ra

    Individual cars on timeline

    Found these on a memory card: MY93 WRX Type RA MY94 WRX Type RA MY95 WRX Type RA MY96 STi Type RA V-Limited Series McRae MY97 STi Type RA MY97 STi MY98 STi Type R 22B MY99 WRX Type RA Limited RB5 MY00 STi Type RA Limited Impreza P1 UK300 MY02 Bugeye MY03...
  7. ASJ

    20th Anniversary badges fitted to your Impreza - pictures please!

    I'll start the ball rolling with Dean's 000/300 - fitted just before we left late yesterday afternoon :D Rgds, Ade