1. The rear, the whole rear, and nothing but the rear, so help me God

    The rear, the whole rear, and nothing but the rear, so help me God

    An ass that makes you want to move countries
  2. A Blaze in the Western Sky

    A Blaze in the Western Sky

    Wagon's first sunset photo, they grow up so fast. Not really I actually waited a decade and a half for this moment and every second of it felt like a dream
  3. S

    Impreza GD JDM folded mirrors problem

    Hello tere. I have a Subaru Impreza GDB JDM version with folding mirrors. Until now, when unlocking the car with the central locking remote control, the car opened and the mirrors unfolded automatically. Something has change because this feature is not working. To unfold and fold the mirrors...
  4. Chaycore

    On the boat from Japan: Spec C Widetrack 16"

    After a lot of waiting (and an impulse buy of a forum members extremely well setup GC8 inbetween, the right car came up at the auctions, bid on it and won! Should leave port in a few days, then arrive late Jan. Spec C Widetrack 16in wheel model. 108km on the clock, grade 4. Different exhaust...
  5. MattRACL


    Hello fellas! A lot of time away from this forum I´m posting a pair of pictures of my V5 STi Type RA Regards!! And the last one, with some friends!

    OBD Scanner Tool for JDM Impreza

    I'm looking on the market for and OBD scanner that works for a JDM Impreza WRX STI 2004, has anyone got a tool that works correctly with a JDM Impreza? I'm sure some of you have, if so can you pop a link down in the reply. Was hoping not to spend anymore than £50 if possible!
  7. I have an itchy STI

    MY99 V5 STI

    As a lot of you know I’m restoring my JDM V5 STI here are some pics I’ve been sent from the body shop

    JDM Subaru VIN numbers

    So I've got a large crack in my front windscreen that developed last October and I have been trying to get a replacement done under my insurance policy, the rear also has a deep scratch in it so I thought I'd get them both done at the same time with ERS through Keith Michaels. Was forwarded onto...
  9. O

    04 JDM Wrx STI - things to check

    Hi Everyone. Thanks in advance for the help. I am going to look at a JDM 04plate STI tomorrow. It was imported two years ago through a family member so didn't come the auction route. I know I need to check corrosion etc and the normal knocks and noises. Anything else I need to check...

    JDM Newage blobeye Replacement glass

    I have an MOT due in 3 weeks and a large crack has just appeared in the top right drivers side of my windscreen and I need to get it replaced or it's going to fail the MOT. Does anyone know if the glass for a UK Impreza blobeye would fit the JDM imported version. I assume yes but wondered if...
  11. Ra2200

    Removing jdm wind deflectors

    Has anyone figured out the safest and most effective way to remove the glue left behind from the wind deflectors, without marking the paint beneath? Thanks