1. Koruseru

    Greetings from Brazil

    Hey folks, My name is Joao, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. After raising money to buy my first car for years, the time has finally come. I always had a dream of having an Impreza STI, specially the V5 (with the famous blue-gold paint scheme). After studying more about subbies, fell in love with...
  2. Ra2200

    Sti Ra version 2 for sale

    Impreza Sti Ra version 2. 75k kilometres / 45k miles Standard example except for stainless exhaust, Excellent condition inside outside and underneath. Car is located in Ireland, is vrt'd on a Galway reg. Will be sold with a new nct. I imported the car in autumn 2018, driven approx 100 miles...
  3. Nickfromsparco

    Subaru euro swap

    Hey everyone! I’m going to be doing a swap on my coupe here in the us and I’m trying to find someone over in Europe somewhere that can get me wiring/parts diagrams and more than likely buy parts and ship them to me (I would compensate) if anyone has any leads or anyone would like to help me over...
  4. Ric McLaughlin

    Silver Project front camber plates for GC8

    I bought these Silver Project front camber plates a while back and no longer need them. They have never been fitted to a car or test fitted so the condition is new. They're made by a company who specialise in drift and track fitments and seem to be extremely high quality. They allow an...
  5. Ric McLaughlin

    Speedline Corse ST2's 17x7

    I bought these wheels a year ago after they'd been fully refurbed by the previous owner. They've seen very limited miles since then. There's a tiny chip out of the paint on one of the legs but that's pretty much it in terms of wear. I added the Prodrive and Speedline decals and lacquered over...
  6. Ric McLaughlin

    The eternal GC8 gearbox conundrum

    Hello all, I've not posted in a while as I've been extremely busy with work and when I haven't been, the drives I've managed to grab in the car have, thankfully, been mechanically all good. There is one question on the horizon though, looming pretty ominously. But, like everything else I've...
  7. Pards

    New member with type RA

    Hi all, So I had a lockdown moment and bought a race car off eBay! Thought I got a great deal, but seems like more of good deal with repair costs! What’s the going rate for head gasket replacement on 95 Impreza type ra? The timing belt had to be done as it was sitting for so long, but because...
  8. EMorrison97

    MY94 JDM WRX "Group A Roadcar" Build/Restoration

    Hello Guys, Welcome to my new thread following my build/restoration project of my 1994 JDM WRX. Originally bought the car during the first lock-down in Ireland. Upon getting it home the clean up and tidying began. I fell in love with this specific car and after driving it over the summer decided...
  9. Ric McLaughlin

    Girardo & Co Archive

    Just lost nearly an hour to this... Girardo & Co Archive They've bought an Italian photo archive and you can download low res (£25) and high res (£40) images. Not cheap but there's definitely a couple that I'd say will end up on my office wall! Some great stuff including more obscure...
  10. Ric McLaughlin

    Subaru's at BGM on Dirtfish

    Some history sitting around in here... Dirtfish can be hit and miss but more stuff like this would be welcome. Never knew that Prodrive were involved with the Skoda!
  11. M

    Clutch install

    Hey guys. New scooby owner here. I havent done much work on cars in the past at all but im determined to not take my car to a garage and start learning how to work on it myself. the clutch has started slipping quite badly recently, its Drive-able but slips when you put your foot down running...
  12. Ric McLaughlin

    DCCD clocks help

    Good evening. I'm currently hovering over going down the V1-3 DCCD speedo clocks route in my car having already sourced an older dash. I was going to go down the Group A carbon fibre + Stack combo but I think in reality the allure of simply getting it done and in there for a couple of hundred...
  13. Andrei

    Alcatek ECU v3-v4 Impreza

    For sale Alcatek ECU with Motorsports features enabled Als and LC - For V3-V4 Impreza 97-98. Dongle and cable imcluded . Ecu updated couple of months ago with new software ,by Andy Leech at TEG MOTORSPORT.
  14. Ric McLaughlin

    2000 Killarney Rally of the Lakes

    Apologies if anyone has already posted this but another RPM classic from BITD... The crowds at the gap are amazing! I think this period of Irish rallying, seeing the World cars start to appear, is fascinating. Mark Fisher in a Group N Type RA too...
  15. A

    New ish north west bugeye wagon owner

    Hi chaps I'm ant.. I've lived in north west for a good while around Liverpool and Manchester area. I'm a 40 something computer animator for film and tv.. recent films like Thor Ragnarok and Spiderman far from home and then some Netflix shows and Amazon prime stuff. Good fun.. I love my job...
  16. Ric McLaughlin

    What size disc rotors for Speedline ST2's?

    The Covid-19 push with my car continues! It's not urgent as I've never found it to be massively under-braked given its weight but I will be wanting to upgrade to bigger brakes at some stage. Does anyone know the biggest brake discs that will fit inside 17x7 Speedline ST2's? Any recommendations...
  17. Ric McLaughlin

    Custom sun strips

    Has anybody got any leads on high quality, custom-made sun strips? There are plenty on eBay but they all look cheap and fairly nasty. I'm after a Repsol/555 one.
  18. Ric McLaughlin

    GC8 facelift front end bumper, lights and bonnet

    Well this feels odd but in the spirit of keeping this project moving forward I'm going to be selling off my V6 'facelift' bumper, lights, grille and bonnet. The parts are still on the car and are in grade A condition. The bonnet was off it in storage for a long time due to it running a lamp...
  19. Ric McLaughlin

    Immaculate Speedline 2113's for sale

    I've decided to sell my Speedline Group N-spec 2113's that came on my car having just ordered a new set of... well, Speedlines. These are 17x8 5x100's ET48's (will confirm with the stamp on the back of the wheels later on today when I get a second to pull the spare, more pics up once new wheels...
  20. Ric McLaughlin

    RCM 3in exhaust

    I'm thinking of selling my Roger Clark Motorsport exhaust. It's one of the best sounding exhausts I've heard on an Impreza - great bark from it without being droney at steady speeds. It's the back box section and is in great condition. They retail at £420, I'm looking for £275 posted (UK only).