1. Ric McLaughlin

    2000 Killarney Rally of the Lakes

    Apologies if anyone has already posted this but another RPM classic from BITD... The crowds at the gap are amazing! I think this period of Irish rallying, seeing the World cars start to appear, is fascinating. Mark Fisher in a Group N Type RA too...
  2. A

    New ish north west bugeye wagon owner

    Hi chaps I'm ant.. I've lived in north west for a good while around Liverpool and Manchester area. I'm a 40 something computer animator for film and tv.. recent films like Thor Ragnarok and Spiderman far from home and then some Netflix shows and Amazon prime stuff. Good fun.. I love my job...
  3. Ric McLaughlin

    What size disc rotors for Speedline ST2's?

    The Covid-19 push with my car continues! It's not urgent as I've never found it to be massively under-braked given its weight but I will be wanting to upgrade to bigger brakes at some stage. Does anyone know the biggest brake discs that will fit inside 17x7 Speedline ST2's? Any recommendations...
  4. Ric McLaughlin

    Custom sun strips

    Has anybody got any leads on high quality, custom-made sun strips? There are plenty on eBay but they all look cheap and fairly nasty. I'm after a Repsol/555 one.
  5. Ric McLaughlin

    GC8 facelift front end bumper, lights and bonnet

    Well this feels odd but in the spirit of keeping this project moving forward I'm going to be selling off my V6 'facelift' bumper, lights, grille and bonnet. The parts are still on the car and are in grade A condition. The bonnet was off it in storage for a long time due to it running a lamp...
  6. Ric McLaughlin

    Immaculate Speedline 2113's for sale

    I've decided to sell my Speedline Group N-spec 2113's that came on my car having just ordered a new set of... well, Speedlines. These are 17x8 5x100's ET48's (will confirm with the stamp on the back of the wheels later on today when I get a second to pull the spare, more pics up once new wheels...
  7. Ric McLaughlin

    RCM 3in exhaust

    I'm thinking of selling my Roger Clark Motorsport exhaust. It's one of the best sounding exhausts I've heard on an Impreza - great bark from it without being droney at steady speeds. It's the back box section and is in great condition. They retail at £420, I'm looking for £275 posted (UK only).
  8. Ric McLaughlin

    M2 Motorsport seat sliders

    A like-new pair of M2 Motorsport seat sliders for GC8. They bolt up to the stock slider threads and then offer a good range of adjustment for the bucket seats. I had read before I got these that they added a bit of height to the seating position but I actually found that I could get the seat a...
  9. Ric McLaughlin

    S201 mirrors for sale

    For sale I have a pair of genuine S201 mirrors in as new condition. They came on my car so have obviously been mounted but have zero cracks or chips. Both mirrors are hand-adjusted and still have as-new resistance. £400 for the pair and I'll cover the postage, first class recorded to be safe.
  10. Ric McLaughlin

    Rallytech lamp pod and PIAA lamps

    This is a reluctant sale as I love the look of my Rallytech lamp pod which came on the car when I purchased it but I'd rather have the cash to 'invest' in a few other things that it needs. For sale is the following which I have receipts for: Rallytech Subaru WRC 97-99 4-lamp pod 2 x PIAA 80...

    OBD Scanner Tool for JDM Impreza

    I'm looking on the market for and OBD scanner that works for a JDM Impreza WRX STI 2004, has anyone got a tool that works correctly with a JDM Impreza? I'm sure some of you have, if so can you pop a link down in the reply. Was hoping not to spend anymore than £50 if possible!
  12. Ric McLaughlin

    WANTED: WRC mirrors

    Hi all, if anyone knows of anyone selling a set of the WRC 'bat ear' carbon fibre mirrors please send them my way. I have a set of the S201 teardrop mirrors but am after the full carbon set. There is a set of 'safari' style ones with lights in them on eBay for £4k just now but that feels like a...

    JDM Subaru VIN numbers

    So I've got a large crack in my front windscreen that developed last October and I have been trying to get a replacement done under my insurance policy, the rear also has a deep scratch in it so I thought I'd get them both done at the same time with ERS through Keith Michaels. Was forwarded onto...
  14. Ric McLaughlin

    My 2000 V6 Type RA

    Welcome to my project thread based around my 2000 V6 Type RA. I veered off the path of trying to turn a road car into a rally car before it got too late and instead am going to try a bit of backwards engineering to make a rally car into a hard-edged road and track car.
  15. shanemc

    V2 Red Ra on Facebook

    Needs tidying, 2k sterling, in Cumbria. Type in 'Impreza parts' into Facebook and the page/breaker that it's on will come up
  16. J

    33 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) or circuit (GC8)

    Greetings from cold Finland ! Theres gonna be subie weathers soon and my loongtime project having this irritating problem Car runs perfect in normal driving, can be speed up and go to boost few times. then aprx after 15min it goes to limp and CEL goes on and giving code33 Car; gc8 Impreza wrx...
  17. C

    MAHLE piston and ring set

    Hello everyone! I have MAHLE Motorsport piston and ring set WRX209917I10 for sale. SPECIFICATIONS: Bore (in): 3.917 in. Bore (mm): 99.500mm Piston Style: Dish, with four valve reliefs Piston Material: Forged aluminum Compression Height (in): 1.209 in. Piston Head Volume (cc): +10.00cc Wrist...
  18. N

    Help with my swap

    Hey guys, first im sorry for my bad english, isnt my native language, also i doesnt have mechanic knowledge at all, so sorry for that too. I have a 1995 Impreza GX, with an 1996 ej20 turbo from a wrx. First, i would like to know what turbo does that motor have, and what motor specificly it is...
  19. shanemc

    V1/V2 Sti wheels wanted

    In straight condition, with or without tires. 07491106386.
  20. shanemc

    MOD DELETE? Ra for breaking on FB

    Just spotted it there, might be an ok shell for someone for a build..?