hurst cars

  1. Evolvedgsr

    WTB - BLACK Subaru Type R

    Hi All I'm after a BLACK Subaru Type R 1999 Version 5 (slim possibly 86F Grey but I'm 99% set on a black coupe) I have healthy budget for the right car providing it all checks out ok * All public listings have been viewed so trying here No rusty or welded cars (preferably imported in the...
  2. PeteRA

    FOA Dean,

    Was this a genuine option too for a rear spoiler for the V6 RA?? PS, FAO, lol. Too much booze
  3. W

    Hello & advice please

    Hello ladies and gents! I've been recommended to sign up on here as I'm looking at buying a type ra. It's a 99 V5 from Hurst cars in Bedford. This is the car and before I splash the cash I'd like some advice Thanks in...
  4. seo-musketeer

    CarVX Japanese Auction Checking Tool is excellent.

    As some of you know, I used to race mx5's with Dean. Having had major brain surgery, I have no intention of racing again, I can't even bring myself to even put a race helmet on, I sold the race cars, trailer & the van went on Tuesday, @type-ra has been on at me a long while to get a good...
  5. Steve777

    WRX STI Spec C Type RA-R (2007)

    Very tempting :thumb Thoughts ?